Dog Astrology: Sun Sign Characteristics

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Dog Zodiac Signs: Does Astrology Apply to Dogs Too?

Of course, your frump ‘s breed plays a major function in their behavior, but their astrological sign of the zodiac plays a function in their personality. Just like people, the sign that your andiron was born under creates an imprint on how they perceive and interact with the populace around them. If you are fortunate adequate to know your pawl ‘s birthday, it ‘s fascinating to see how many traits of their astrology sign they have. ( I believe in rescue, but unfortunately, you probably wo n’t know your rescue andiron ‘s birthday. ) It is besides interesting how many times dogs and people tend to adopt each other with signs that are compatible. I ‘m a Scorpio with a Pisces pawl. We absolutely picked each other. We have had a common understanding from the consequence his sweet eyes met mine. You will meet my small Watson when I write about the Pisces dog traits.

I truly hope that you enjoy getting to understand your dog a little more by exploring their sun sign. Please remember that adopting a pawl is for liveliness, not just for now .

What’s My Dog’s Zodiac Sign?

  • Aries: March 21–April 20
  • Taurus: April 21–May 20
  • Gemini: May 21–June 20
  • Cancer: June 21–July 20
  • Leo: July 21–August 20
  • Virgo: August 21–September 20
  • Libra: September 21–October 20
  • Scorpio: October 21–November 20
  • Saggitarius: November 21–December 20
  • Capricorn: December 21–January 20
  • Aquarius: January 21–February 20
  • Pisces: February 21–March 20

Aries dog Aries dog

Aries Dog (March 21–April 20): Aries Dogs Love Action

Aries is the pamper of the zodiac, and the aries is the symbol. This brave pawl likes to be active. Playing and running with these dogs is very crucial to keep them glad and out of trouble. Aries dogs are identical cheerful to be around. They are the dogs that will come up to early dogs and people cook to play. Your Aries dog will learn with exuberance. The trouble is that they besides can quit in the middle of playing fetch because they sometimes have trouble with follow-through. So you will probably be going to get the ball yourself sometimes. These dogs are not sofa potatoes because they like action. If your Aries is pacing around quite a moment and you know that it is n’t about a toilet break, give them something to do. This gestural has a selfish side and will tend to push their way to be beginning. therefore if you have other pets in the house, your Aries dog wo n’t let the pets fetch the toy dog and will push their manner in front of the other pets for food and treats .

  • Symbol: Ram
  • Color(s): The color for Aries is shades of red. Use this color when picking out your dog’s accessories.
  • Compatibility: Leo and Sagittarius

Taurus dog Taurus andiron

Taurus Dog (April 21–May 20): Taurus Dogs Love Their Comfort

Taurus is an worldly concern sign, and the bull is the symbol. As you may have guessed, Taurus dogs are identical froward and stubborn. They are not a fan of change, so if your agenda happens to change, do n’t expect your bull to have a smooth transition. This goes for moving vitamin a well. This pawl will be the frank that brings back the ball pretty much every fourth dimension, unlike Aries. once this frump has made up its mind to do something, it can be hard to change it. so if your Taurus insists on jumping into the car to go for a ride when not invited, it is likely that you will be driving around the stuff with them to make them felicitous. Taurus dogs love their ease. They will pick the bed over the floor every time. If you do n’t like to have your pets on the furniture, be certain to get your Taurus a decent comfortable spot to hang out in. consolation is crucial to this sign of the zodiac, and they will for sure be the pawl that sneaks up on the furniture when you are n’t looking. Although these dogs do have some faineant traits, being an earth sign, they love to do outdoor activities. food is a big deal to all dogs, but these dogs personify the love of food. beg at the dinner table could become an issue with this frump that is hard to tame. Keep lots of differently flavored treats around to keep their preference buds happy .

  • Symbol: Bull
  • Color(s): The colors for Taurus are shades of green and earthy colors. Use these colors when picking out your dog’s accessories.
  • Compatibility: Virgo and Capricorn

Gemini dog Gemini dog

Gemini Dog (May 21–June 20): Gemini Dogs Are Great Conversationalists

Gemini is the sign that rules communication, and the symbol is the twins. Teaching this cad to speak should be a cinch. Your Gemini andiron will have no problem voicing its opinion. Getting them to howl or bark will not take besides much blarney because they love to hear the sound of their voice. spill the beans to this cad frequently, and do n’t be surprise how attentively they will listen. socially, Gemini dogs will be a pleasure. They love to meet new people and dogs and make friends reasonably promptly. Gathering information is important to this sign, so following their nose might cause a wandering-off trouble. Keep a close eye on your dog if outside without a rope. The twins can become anxious, which could manifest into constant licking on their paw or even biting their nails. Distract this behavior by talking to them. Of course, if it persists, check with your vet about potential allergies. Gemini dogs like tricks and activities that involve them using their paw and motor skills. Shaking hands is a great trick to teach, but they besides do very well with a undertaking that involves having to hit a lever to release food. Digging for things will be a favored pass time so if you do n’t want lots of little holes dug in your yard, find a miniature that allows them to have to find the loot. Because it is the polarity of the twins, indecision will crop up over which toy they want to play with or whose lap they want to lay on .

  • Symbol: The twins
  • Color(s): The color for Gemini is shades of blue. Use this color when picking out your dog’s accessories.
  • Compatibility: Libra and Aquarius

Cancer dog Cancer chase

Cancer Dog (June 21–July 20): Cancer Dogs Love to Nurture

Cancer is a urine sign and considered the class sign of the zodiac. The symbol of Cancer is the crab. Cancer dogs equitable love love love their families. Separation anxiety could be a challenge for this sweetness chase so make indisputable that they have a blanket or cushy dally to hang with when you are not there. If this cad has puppies or a new puppy is introduced into your home, this is the pawl that will cursorily take to nurturing. cancer can be shy by nature, but water activities will bring them out of their shell. If scolded, this frank could go and hide for sometimes hours and have to be coaxed out. Your Cancer cad will be the frank that will stay with a disgusted syndicate member until they are good to offer their support and comfort. They are normally great with children and have a fantastic amount of patience with them. Cancers prefer a harmonious home life, so if there is conflict among their humans, they will cower into their shells until it all blows over. Having a across-the-board to hide under when they are feeling anxious is a estimable estimate for this dog gestural. Their sleep together of sweets will tempt them to steal from the holiday candy serve, thus be surely to keep sweets up high. Choose treats that have a safe way for them to get their sweet tooth on .

  • Symbol: Crab
  • Color(s): The color for Cancer is shades of blue. Use this color when picking out your dog’s accessories.
  • Compatibility: Scorpio and Pisces

Leo dog Leo frank

Leo Dog (July 21–August 20): Leo Dogs Need to Feel Pretty

Leos are the royalty of the zodiac, and the symbol is the leo. If you like to groom and dress your dog, then Leo is a perfect paroxysm. They love to be adored and fussed over. Praise is greatly appreciated by your Leo chase, and it will go to bang-up strides to get it. early frump signs will step away for your Leo dog to walk by because imperial is not understated in their gait. Being social is a great trait for this slightly high-maintenance sun sign ; however, when they are done play, they are done. No negotiation about it. They are the life of the party and will greet every guest into your home with open paws. If there is more than one pet in the sign of the zodiac, your Leo pawl will be the leader of the pack. As a matter of fact, this andiron has a trench need to lead. Having other pets in the family is best. To keep this pawl felicitous, socialize them and dote over them much. Watch their tail wag when you compliment how pretty they are. Oh, reliance me, they understand that you are telling them they are pretty .

  • Symbol: Lion
  • Color(s): The colors for Leo are shades of gold and orange. Use these colors when picking accessories for your dog.
  • Compatibility: Aries and Sagittarius

Virgo dog Virgo pawl

Virgo Dog (August 21–September 20): Virgo Dogs Like Having a Job to Do

Virgos are the perfectionist of the zodiac, and the symbol is the virgo. Virgo dogs do not like to get their paw cheating. Cleanliness is a adult trait with Virgo, sol stool sure to keep them bathed and primped. Being duty oriented, Virgo dogs make bang-up worker dogs. They will learn promptly what you are expecting and be felicitous to train to paragon. They are happiest when they have a problem to do, so if you can take your Virgo frump to volunteer at an old senesce home or hospital, they will outshine all early signs at this job. Virgo dogs make great fire dogs, police dogs, and special needs dogs. Being timid and choleric can be an consequence with a Virgo ; starting to socialize them early is recommended. Another Virgo trait is circumspection. This will probably not be the cad to barely jump into the lake without analyzing it beginning. The most crucial thing to remember about this andiron sign is to keep them feeling like they are being productive and have a duty to do .

  • Symbol: Virgin
  • Color(s): The color for Virgo is earth tones. Use these colors when picking accessories for your dog.
  • Compatibility: Taurus and Capricorn

Libra dog Libra pawl

Libra Dog (September 21–October 20): Libra Dogs Are in Love With Love

Libra is the lover of the zodiac, and the symbol is the balancing scales. Oh, what a lover this frank is ! They are in sexual love with love and will not be a one-man cad if there are multiple people in the house. due to their symbol, your Libra will have great remainder. Jumping fences will be a ceaseless challenge. They will have no problem throwing caution to the wind and walk or startle where most early signs make bold to go because of their assurance with balance. Libra dogs are very adaptable, which allows their humans to randomly change their schedules or evening move to a newly home with very little break felt by them. company is significant to this frank sign ; having another chase or pet to be their partner in crime is highly recommend. Libras like lavish surroundings, thus be certain to decorate their personal space with comfortable accessories. Libra dogs have a sharply, flying mind and love to learn new things. Play games that challenge them and keep their mind working. Snuggle with them much and give them lots of sleep together love love. They will give you love back twofold .

  • Symbol: Balancing scales
  • Color(s): The color for Libra is shades of green. Use this color when picking out accessories for your dog.
  • Compatibility: Gemini and Aquarius

Scorpio dog Scorpio dog

Scorpio Dog (October 21–November 20): Scorpio Dogs Are Loyal, but Don’t Make Them Mad

Scorpio is the most intense of the zodiac, and the symbol is the scorpion.

Scorpio dogs are slippery and close. This is the chase that will have unavowed hiding spots for their bones and toys that they are sure only they know about. An excellent watchdog because Scorpios are extremely protective and security is of extreme importance to Scorpios. Loyal to a mistake and are frequently one-man dogs. On the interchange side, a minus trait is being revengeful. If you leave this cad alone longer than normal or show besides much affection to another pet, your Scorpio dog precisely might show a little revenge by chewing up your shoe or peeing on the deck correct in front of the doorway for good measure. Scorpios are natural detectives, so toy games with them where they have to find the choice. They make bang-up police dogs because they will follow the olfactory property to the end. not the most social of the dog signs, which makes them great for people who live alone or are homebodies. Scorpios are naturally jealous creatures and are content if it is just the two of you forever. Take your Scorpio pawl to the water and watch them get a sudden billow of playfulness as Scorpio is a water sign, and the water system gives them a abound of energy. Scorpio dogs can be moody and might not tolerate other animals for long unless the early animal is separate of the family, then your Scorpio dog will become identical protective over it. These dogs make bang-up travel companions and are always up for a ride in the car. Scorpio dogs like their quad but at the same time have a motivation to feel secure. A crate with the door constantly open for them to go and hide is a good thing to have for this cad .

  • Symbol: Scorpion
  • Color(s): The color for Scorpio is shades of red. Use this color when picking out accessories for your dog.
  • Compatibility: Cancer and Pisces

Sagittarius dog Sagittarius dog

Sagittarius Dog (November 21–December 20): Sagittarius Dogs Are the Most Entertaining

Sagittarius is the clown of the zodiac, and the symbol is the crouch and arrow or the Archer. Sagittarius dogs are the actors of the cad signs. This sign loves to perform and will do it on command every time. The audio of homo laughter is music to their ears, and they will do the same magic trick over and over again if it is making you laugh. They are always eager to learn newfangled tricks to entertain their humans and will do them without being commanded just to get attention. They are identical intelligent by nature and want complicated games to keep their interests. These dogs are highly friendly and have no trouble being taken out into a crowd. not a dog that will cower behind you because of forte noises or a set of people around. If left to socialize on their own, you might not see them again until you call them binding to you. They will be busy making newfangled friends with anybody and everybody. not the easiest of the cad sun signs to train about mundane things like where to potty, but once they acquire a habit, they will not sway from it. This is good for dear habits but not sol beneficial for the bad ones. If they pick up a bad habit and you do n’t nip it in the bud justly away, you might have a hard time getting them to stop chewing up shoes or jumping the fence. A very fun andiron to have vitamin a hanker as you keep them mentally stimulated .

  • Symbol: Bow and arrow or the Archer
  • Color(s): The Sagittarius color is shades of darker blue. Use this color when picking out accessories for your dog.
  • Compatibility: Aries and Leo

Capricorn dog Capricorn pawl

Capricorn Dog (December 21–January 20): Capricorn Dogs Have Wise Old Souls

Capricorns are the wisest of the zodiac, and the symbol is the batch capricorn. Capricorns are known for being old when they are youthful and new when they are previous. The puppy that sits back and watches the other ones play but is just excessively composed to join in. then, all of a sudden, a wholly modern side of them will come out as they get into adulthood. Out of the blasphemous, they will start to play like a puppy, and the seriousness goes out the windowpane. They will put all of that bystander learning they did while they were unseasoned into action. Capricorn is a very calm chase sign to have around with a remove it or leave it kind of attitude. quick learners to normal train like where to potty and what is theirs and not theirs. They are cautious but confident, and an excellent andiron to take on hikes and activities in the outdoors. very dependable, and if your Capricorn should happen to wander off on its ‘ own, you can be certain that they will come back on their own when they are done exploring. A true fetch me my newspaper and slippers kind of pawl. Take your Cappy on outings and show them a sense of fun every so often. You might have to make this dog get out and get some exercise, but once in the rut of it, they will love it. A great cad sign to have early dogs and pets living with them. bear leaders that they are, your chase will become the drawing card of the pack and teach their wisdom to the early pets .

  • Symbol: Mountain goat
  • Color(s): Capricorn color is shades of black. Use this color when you are picking out accessories for your dog.
  • Compatibility: Taurus and Virgo

Aquarius dog Aquarius cad

Aquarius Dog (January 21–February 20): Aquarius Dogs Just Want to Help

Aquarius is the human-centered of the zodiac, and the symbol is the water carrier. Aquarius is known for their intellectual and hunger for cognition, and it is noted in dogs born under this bless. How they get their cognition will range from learning from you and other dogs to exploring on their own for hours if you let them. Being the human-centered of the zodiac, this is the pawl who will drag a child out of a burning build or exploit to help another animal in distress. A very brave frank sign and would take very well to being a fire cad or a service dog. They are then loyal and focused when they have a job to do that it ‘s about a shame not to set them up in situations that allow them to feel like they are helping. even though they have an irregular trait that can keep you guessing as to what they are going to get into future, Aquarius dogs are a great assistant and a true rejoice to have around .

  • Symbol: Water bearer
  • Color(s): Aquarius color is shades of gold. Use this color when picking out accessories for your dog.
  • Compatibility: Gemini and Libra

Pisces dog Pisces chase

Pisces Dog (February 21–March 20): Pisces Dogs Are the True One-Person Dog

Pisces are the sensitives and intuitives of the zodiac. The symbol is the double fish. Let me introduce you to my little Pisces dog Watson. He is by far the sweetest dog that I ‘ve ever had. Pisces are known for their love and dulcet dispositions, and it is very true in Pisces dogs excessively. Pisces dogs love their humans and become sad when their humans are not around. They are highly sensitive, and a firm spokesperson is all that is needed to correct them. They will get their feelings hurt for a little while, but you can bet that you wo n’t have to correct them for the like thing excessively many times. not the bravest of the cad signs but by far the most loving. Pisces dogs have a need to be near their humans at all times or better however touching them at all times. You are certain to have a shadow when you adopt a Pisces frump. Their intuitive nature allows them to know when you are on your way home or that you are going to take them for a walk before you say anything or get the rope. I ‘m always amazed by this with Watson. To put it plainly, this andiron needs lots of beloved and attention. They are not loners by any means. They love their home and will more than probably not roam off besides far from home a long as they are not getting their feelings hurt excessively frequently. Arguing around your Pisces dog will make them run and hide, but once the argue stops, you can bet that they will come out from hiding to be with you again. Your Pisces frump will be glad to go anywhere or do merely about anything a farseeing as they can be with you. A Pisces chase is unconditional love to the fullest extent. Keep this pawl active so that they do not become sedentary. They are pretty mellow, and it is easy for them to spend excessively much time lying around .

  • Symbol: Double fish
  • Color(s): Pisces color is shades of green. Use green when picking out accessories for your dog.
  • Compatibility: Scorpio and Cancer

Sophia on June 18, 2020 : Your dates are wrong for most of these Leo ’ s are July 21-August 22 therefore please fix that Erin on May 03, 2020 : My dog is a Virgo and seems to think that her job to do is either to laze around in bed all day, get in the way or bandstand and front at us indignantly, which is her way of complaining about something. UpNorthNancy on January 16, 2020 : exemption is on the cusp of Pisces and Aries. His birthday is March 18th. decidedly a combination of the two signs. He ‘s one-half Border Collie and Half Australian Shepard. Anna on May 29, 2019 : I am a scorpio with a Pisces frump excessively ! My dog is so sweet i can ’ t even handle it. I am obsessed with him. Amber on February 20, 2018 : Ahhh I always knew it ! My graph is enormously pisces and cancer, so I ‘m planning to get a Scorp puppy to complete the three. Or Taurus who is dear with both. Jackie on October 17, 2017 : Sounds pretty accurate with my frank, he sleeps on our bed with pillow on his head ( which I find very cunning ), loves to eat anything specially epicure dog foods, loves to be outdoors particularly in grassy areas ( commodity thing that I have a mini-garden at my backyard as I ‘m besides a nature lover ). He ‘s trainable, obedient, identical sweet & loving that if only I have my way, I would take him out with me at work or everywhere I go because every fourth dimension I have to leave the theater, I can see his sad font & so I would caress him, kiss him on frontal bone & assure him that I ‘ll be back. As for compatibility, good that makes common sense excessively. No wonder my Aquarius partner does n’t get along with him while we get along identical well, in fact to be honest I feel more compatible with my dog than with my collaborator LOL ( I ‘m Aries with dominant allele Virgo, potent Saturn & ISTJ type while he has both Aquarius & Aries prevailing plus solid Mars, probably an ENxP character based on his personality ). And about my frump ‘s accessories ? His chase bowl, collar & leech all happens to be in green color ! He ‘s a Taurus btw … Allisyn Nichols (author) from Texas on November 16, 2016 :

Thanks for reading threekeys ! It was so much fun to write and research. I ‘ve had some interesting conversations with friends since I ‘ve posted this about how their dogs show the characteristics of their sun signs. Yes, Watson and I are very lucky to have each other. Although I ‘ve been working some retentive hours recently and he is feeling a act emotional right threekeys on November 14, 2016 : just loved loved this. The pics ? Are funny and cunning ! I love how you found a compatible water sign. Lucky you and lucky, positron emission tomography pooch : )

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