When Is My Bull Terrier Full Grown?

If you buy something through a yoke in our posts, we may get a minor share of the sale. I have a lot of fun with my Bull Terrier puppy. He ’ sulfur precisely a saturated ball of energy when we play. however, I ’ megabyte wondering how long is he going to stay as a puppy. finally, he will grow bigger. When is my Bull Terrier full grow ?

When Is My Bull Terrier Full Grown ?

A Bull Terrier reaches its full size at the age of 20 to 24 months. It achieves its full height as early as 12 to 14 months. A male Bull Terrier grows bigger than its female counterpart, but no study shows that it grows bigger first than the females.

Bull Terrier Development stage

Watching your Bull Terrier mature is an excite experience. From a cunning little puppy to a adult adult, it exhibits major behavioral change. In the adjacent section, we will discuss the different growth stages before a Bull Terrier reaches its adult size .Bull Terrier sleeping on a pink stuffed toy

Neonatal Stage

A Bull Terrier ’ s neonatal stage starts from the day it was born until two weeks. approximately, a two-week-old Bull Terrier weighs two to six pounds. During this stage, all its senses haven ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate opened yet except its smell of spirit. A baby Bull Terrier would still have its eyes and ears closed. It ’ s normally unresponsive to human stimuli due to the lack of senses. however, a Bull Terrier puppy can only use its battlefront leg to move and relies on its mighty feel of spirit to locate its mother. Puppies are approximately 10,000 to 100,000 more sensitive than humans when it comes to their sense of smell .

Transitional Stage

The transitional stage happens between two to four weeks. The Bull Terrier will weigh six to 15 pounds. At this stage, a Bull Terrier puppy opens its eyes and ears. however, the sense of sight comes first before your puppy can hear. The puppy ’ mho eyes open right after two weeks, and the longest takes three weeks. If you notice that your puppy doesn ’ t open its eyes within the mention roll, consult the veteran as your puppy might be experiencing developmental problems.

At the get down of the three-week sign, your Bull Terrier puppy should be able to respond to sound. The puppy ’ s ears open up within this menstruation. Their hearing is far more ranking than ours. A puppy can hear four times better and with a broad compass of reasoned frequencies. It ’ randomness besides during this stage that they start to grow their teeth .

Socialization Stage

At round four to 12 weeks, it will weigh 15 pounds to 50 pounds. A Bull Terrier will start to socialize with its littermates by playing. It begins learning how to interact that will shape its future. This stage will besides help build its personality when it turns adult. Slowly and gently expose your Bull Terrier puppy to assorted situations, places and people. It will help develop a calm temperament when your andiron encounters different situations and people .Bull Terrier socialization is very significant. bankruptcy of doing so will cause behavioral problems in the future. Make surely to introduce newfangled things with the proper sum of praise and treats. Do it positively .

Ranking Stage

As your Bull Terrier turns three to six months has a size of 24 to 70 pounds. It will either dominate you or be submissive. It ’ sulfur authoritative to teach your puppy that you ’ re the dominant one. Dogs act on a hierarchical social structure. If they think they ’ re the alpha, they don ’ t follow rules. As the owner, you need to assert yourself as the alpha leader. Bull Terriers that have firm alpha owners do well in obedience train. It helps prevent aggressive and destructive behavior. While teaching your frank that you ’ re the alpha drawing card, do it while having fun. Don ’ t force affection from your pawl. Always use positive strengthener and debar punishment .

Adolescence Stage

When your Bull Terrier reaches the long time between six to 18 months, the adolescence stagecoach starts. This stage is where your Bull Terrier reaches its full stature that ’ randomness between 21 to 22 inches. It ’ s the degree where your andiron starts to exhibit sexual behavior. You can decide to neuter your frank within this stagecoach. Your frank will besides go through another teething stage and lose its puppy tooth.

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How Big Will My Bull Terrier Get ?

On average, a Bull Terrier grows up to 50 to 70 pounds in burden and 21 to 22 pounds in stature. normally, the female weighs 45 to 55 pounds while the male Bull Terrier weighs between 55 to 70 pounds .

What Age Does A Bull Terrier Mentally Mature ?

Bull Terriers have a wide-eyed compass of mental maturity. It could range between one to fours years of senesce. On average, however, they mature when they turn two years of age .


In summary, your Bull Terrier reaches its full size when it turns 20 to 24 months. While your frank is distillery young, it ’ mho playfulness to observe the development he exhibits as he grows in size. It ’ s important to be knowledgeable in these stages to assist your Bull Terrier in attaining its wide size .

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