Loro Parque – One Of Tenerife’s Best And Aventurous Attractions

Learn everything there is to know about Loro Parque in this recapitulation, and why you should visit it following time you go to Tenerife, in the Canary Islands .
Thai Entrance at Loro Parque

Loro Park in Tenerife

On 28 May 2016, the universe lost another gorilla, when a kid fell into its enclosure at Cincinnati Zoo. People were outraged and wanted to point fingers. Who was to blame ? The anserine mother or the menagerie with crafty security ? Pretty soon there was a howl debate in the UK as to whether animals should even be kept in captivity in the first identify .
recently I visited another menagerie and witnessed two orangutans in adjacent cages staring at each other forlornly. What separated them were iron bars but they attempted to get as close to each other as possible so far accepted frustration. It ’ s easy to understand how an persona like that can tug at the heart strings and make good about any person want to pump his fist in desecrate to the concept of keeping a rampantly animal in enslavement.

Big trees in zoo
Loro Parque started off in 1972 as a recourse for 150 parrots putting up Europe ’ s beginning Parrot Show. Over the past 44 years its population exploded to over 4000 with about 350 species, making it the world ’ randomness largest divers solicitation of parrots .
Parrot at Loro Parque
What I love about Loro Park is that it ’ mho basically a mini-ecosystem. As you walk around the menagerie you ’ ll immediately detect that the place is in absolute pristine condition. With blue sky, warm weather, neatly trimmed lawns and foliage cipher can complain but there is a lot more than meets the eye .
While all the plants in the menagerie might appear to plainly be there for ocular solicitation, they serve a far bigger function than meets the eye. Since the environment in Tenerife is perfective for sol many diverseness of plants, they grow in abundance, including gum trees. The following are promptly available in the menagerie :

  • Manna (Eucalyptus viminalis)
  • Lemon Scented (Corymbia citriodora)
  • Blue Gums (Eucalyptus Globulus)
  • Silver Leaf Stringy Bark (Eucalyptus Alligatrix)
  • Red Gums (Eucalyptus camaldulensis)
  • Iron Bark (Eucalyptus sideroxylon)

Three white birds
I don ’ triiodothyronine know how this happened, but somehow club has brainwashed us into thinking we can get away with feeding parrots and other pet birds a staple diet of seeds. possibly throw in a piece of fruit or two if they ’ ve been particularly good birds. No wonder therefore many animals die in pet lovers ’ care or start plucking out their feathers, or merely precisely get ill .
If you want your birds to be felicitous and in flower condition, you need to educate yourself. basically, you need to supply them with the types of food they will eat in the wild. With the birds requiring deviate diet from multiple food sources, this is no small feat .
Bird eating some seed
numerous parts of the Eucalyptus trees – flowers, buds, gumwood nuts, bark, leaves and branches – are fed to the birds, which are a vital part of the birds ’ natural diet. chili plants are dotted around the whole menagerie and the fruit are actually fed to the animals. Fun fact : did you know that parrots have no tastebud ? They eat these with chili peppers with arrant hilarity .
Red flower bud
White bird eating a flower
Another example is the ginger flower plant, pictured below. These are fed to the birds, lorikeets, gorillas and chimps. The ginger solution is besides consumed by the animals. Just like humans, animals enjoy the multitude of benefits of ginger, which includes the following properties :

  • anti-bacterial
  • anti-inflammatory
  • anti-oxidant
  • anti-parasitic effect, and more

The birds recognise food items from a outdistance and never have I seen birds demolish flowers with such gusto !
White and orange tulips
If you are tempted to nick a fruit from Loro Parque, then be warned – everything is covered with pepper spray. The latter acts as a natural pesticide because the menagerie wants to stay in tune with nature, steering clear from using chemicals wherever possible .
Pineapple in a  bush
Another great exemplar of how Loro Parque is constantly striving got excellence is the promote of the flamingo ’ habitat .
I first visited Tenerife in 2016 and this is what it looked like .
Flamingo lake and garden
In 2019, this is the lapp location, which was my third visit. The deviation ? The menagerie planted natural plants in the water and uses no chlorinate water .
Pink flamingos on a green grass
The Animal Embassy is based in African huts on web site where the breeding of parrots take locate. Although parrots make some of the best parents in the world, sometimes nature fails and this is where humans take over. Through the methamphetamine windows baby parrots at each increase phase can be observed .
Loro Parque Foundation is funded entirely by Loro Park. The organization plays a pivotal function in able to breed up to 1500 birds per annum thus sustaining endangered species and supporting numerous conservation projects around the global such as working with the brazilian government to recuperate two rare species of blue sky macaws .
Baby Parrot

Loro Parque Animals

Quick tip : arrive early to make the most of your travel to to see all the animals because there is batch to see and do ! Below is a water down tilt to give you an idea of which animals to expect on your visit .


Chimps, dolphins, gorillas, jaguars, lions, hippopotamus, sea lions, marmosets, otters, killer whales, echidna, sloths, meerkats, tiger, crimson giant panda and capybaras


Flamingos, cranes, parrots, penguins and swans


jellyfish, Koi and there ’ s a solid Aquarium for you to explore !


Alligators, Iguanas and Tortoises
At Katandra Treetops colorful birds from Australia and Asia can be observed who have no qualms posing for having their pictures taken whether sitting in a tree or eat. Parrots aren ’ t the entirely birds to be found at the menagerie. Chilean Flamingos and Crowned Cranes walk about freely .
Crane on grass
Time passes highly quickly and the attack of information can be overwhelming at times. short ones can unwind at Kinderlandia and there are seven eateries to choose from .
Wooden tree house

Loro Park Shows

Loro Show

The Loro Show is where parrots fly over and interact with the hearing, barely showing off precisely how apt these animals are with their mathematical skills and cheeky humor .
Woman teaching a class

Orca Ocean

There are seven orcas at Orca Ocean who perform, evening a deaf one, called Morgan, who receives guidance through extra hand and light signals. They regularly have a giant of a time absolutely soaking members of the audience with their vigorous splash .
Smiling killer whale

Sea Lions

The Sea Lions are fiddling show-offs and when they ’ rhenium not balancing balls on their noses they are performing CPR on submerge staff .
Sea Lions balancing balls


If you love ocean mammals you ’ re in for a process. A draw of people are and the theatres are packed sardine-style at every prove. educational tidbits are fed to the push, from how to look after ground dolphins to fun facts. It is perplex to see what these animals are capable of .
Performing dolphins

Planet Penguin

Atlantic Puffins can be seen swimming in pristine conditions and kids can try to spot mumble from happy Feet at the Planet Penguin expose .
Atlantic puffins
Penguins from Antarctica


When it comes to water, Loro Parque surely doesn ’ metric ton shy away from it. There is a particular water filtration system in set that ensures the animals enjoy water that ’ s much cleaner than water fit for human consumption. numerous displays of turtles, a overplus of pisces species, sharks and gelatin fish can be gawked at at The Aquarium and Aqua Viva .
Swimming Sea Bass
Blue jellyfish
In flower season, Loro Parque can get busy. By the way, that ’ s an understatement. If you ’ re badly stuffed for fourth dimension and necessitate to prioritise your chew the fat, here are the shows in my orderliness of predilection :

  1. Orca Ocean
  2. Dolphinarium
  3. Sea Lions
  4. Planet Penguin
  5. Loro Show
  6. Aquarium
  7. Naturavision

Lots of people in the audience
Two monkeys playing
And thus we arrive at the Gorilla enclosure. There is no way that a kyd will fall in here or anywhere else for that matter. Up close views of the animals can be enjoyed thanks to large glass windows and the gorillas appear to be qualified yoga instructors .
Which brings me back to the master debate. Should wild animals be kept in enslavement ? No. Yet, those who have aroused outcries with pitch forks angrily poking the air rarely offer any solutions. What is the option ? Let the animals absolve ? precisely precisely how hanker will these animals survive in the barbarian with the chilling rate deforestation and illegal hunt taking plaza ?
Greedy Gourmet visits Loro Parque
This settles the argument for me. It comes down to whether zoos do more damage than effective or vice versa. With the high quality of care these animals receive from leading scientists around the world I know where my vote goes. The best you can do is support institutions such as Loro Parque and increase awareness to those around you in regulate to lone support businesses who do the environment good. only then may these animals one day roam free again…
In 0AC 200 million people inhabited the earth. By the eighteenth hundred, the population blew up to 1 billion. In 1900, 2 billion. 2000…. 6 billion. In a mere 11 years the human population added another 1 billion to its already burgeoning size. With the human population growing exponentially, what are the implications for life on this planet ?
At the moment, 50 % of the worldly concern ’ s population lives in cities. In 30 years the number will go up to 85 % .
deforestation continues to take place at an alarming rate. Before man started to “ leave his mark ” on Earth, 60 million km2, which equates to 44 %, of the world ’ second coat hosted forests. By the year 2050, only 22 % would be left, i.e. 50% of forests would have been destroyed .
The result ?
For every hectare of tropical afforest, an average of 704 animals can be found. Do the sums. No wonder numerous animal and establish species go extinct on a daily footing .
Family of chimps
Adiós, Dodo. Aloha, Mauritius Blue Pigeon. Arrivederci, Black-Fronted Parakeet. Ciao, Quagga. Auf Wiedersehen, tasmanian Wolf. Bon ocean trip, Golden Toad .
These are but a fraction of the animals that have gone extinct since the 1800 ’ mho .
following on the hit list is elephants. In 1900, 10 million of these brilliant creatures roamed in the baseless, immediately a arrant 600 000 are left .
Dolphins are snuffing it big time as well. Fishing nets and equipment kill 300 000 of these mammals every year. Environmental befoulment causes weakness and illnesses in cetaceans, particularly killer whale. Countries such as Japan, Peru, Russia and Canada appeared to have developed an appetite to eat them and thanks to the overfishing of oceans, ocean life suffers as a consequence, due to the scarcity of food .
Green jellyfish
The list for how humans negatively impact the environment goes on an on .
If only there was a open mown solution, but there international relations and security network ’ thymine. One obvious way to reduce the impact on the environment is through the reduction of the human population, although there is no humane way of going about. The second option is to slow down the accelerate of emergence, which means China has had the right theme all along with its one child policy .
In this see, Prince William and Kate having a third child is absolutely irresponsible, considering they are populace figures setting an example to the masses. Cue the far growth of the british nation popping out a multitude of babies, called George, Charlotte or bric-a-brac .
Jumping Orcas
so while the number of different species are dwindling on a daily basis, menagerie and aquariums are doing their best to conserve them with restrict resources. Granted, not all zoos are created equal so it ’ mho significant to support the good ones. The latter safeguard the genic reserves of endangered species, study the animals to obtain valuable information and lift awareness by educating visitors of the status quo .
You can read more about the Loro Parque Foundation and donate. All proceeds go towards nature .
Meerkat looking around

Loro Parque Opening Times

Loro park is open from 8:30am to 6:45pm every day of the workweek .

Loro Park Showtimes

here is the timetable for all the shows listed above. just as the open times, the showtimes are the same every day .

  • Loro show: 10:25 – 11:50 – 13:30 – 15:00 – 16:00 – 17:30
  • Orca Ocean: 11:45 – 14:00 – 16:45
  • Sea Lions: 09:35 – 12:30 – 14:15 – 15:30 – 16:55
  • Dolphinarium: 11:00 – 13:15 – 14:45 – 16:00
  • Naturavision: 11:45 – 14:45 – 17:15
  • Planet Penguin: open from 08:30 to 18:00
  • Aquarium: open from 10:00 to 18:45

Where to eat

There are a few restaurants in Loro Parque but the best one is Casa Pepe. Those who automatically shun fried junk food would be delighted with this restaurant which serves Canarian specialities tapas-style. Every single dish served was fabulous, from the classic Papas Arrugadas, Spanish Tortilla, Mussels, succulent Pork Skewers to the Goat’s Cheese with Mojo Sauces and Fried Banana dessert .
Canarian Beef Stew
My favourites were the Red Peppers Stuffed with Seafood and Spicy Octopus, simply because they ’ re so unusual. A kids ’ menu is available therefore even the greatest of fusspots, i.e. my daughter, found something to enjoy .
Roasted Calamari

Where to stay

While there are numerous hotels in the area, Hotel Botanico is simply the best. It is about a 10 minute drive away .

Parking at Loro Parque

ample space is available at the menagerie – surface outer space deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as two levels underground. The price is €4 Euros per day .

Loro Parque Tickets

Prices start at €38 per adult and €26 per child. There are unlike special offers where you can get reasonable dismiss though. The Twin Ticket – where you can visit Loro Parque equally well as Siam Park – is a popular choice.

Loro Parque Address

Loro Park
Av. Loro Parque, signal-to-noise ratio,
Puerto de la Cruz
Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Loro Park Pin
P.S. I was a guest of Loro Park .