How to play Flappy Bird on Snapchat. (Android and iOS)

It is true that Snapchat is lagging somewhat, especially when compared to other platforms such as Instagram. However, it still has a large number of users who are enjoying the latest improvements and functions that are being incorporated. An example of these new options is the possibility of playing video games on Snapchat thanks to the virtual reality of the selfie effects. The game that is currently available is Flappy Bird.
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In the past Snapchat introduced boldness filters, however over time it has been launching irregular filters on designated dates such as Halloween or when certain companies partner with Snapchat to promote their products as AMC did with the series The Walking Dead. This has kept the interest of many users since they have been able to use new and attractive filters. .
well, Snapchat continues to bring joy to its users and after introducing the advance 3D World filters, now it ‘s fourth dimension to offer video games in the app. Snapchat has reached an agreement with the popular video game Flappy Bird which you can play from the selfies filter section. This juice consists of preventing a little rubber duck from jumping through green pipes without touching them. however, the game Flappy Bird is not incorporated by default on snapchat but we will have to unlock it using the official Snapchat code of the game in orderliness to use it for 24 hours. once unbarred, you can access it from the face filters section. furthermore, this Flappy Bird game code on Snapchat can be shared with other friends within the app. . That said, below we show you how to unlock and play the Flappy Bird video game in the Snapchat app on both iOS and Android devices :

How to activate the Flappy Bird video game on Snapchat for Android and iOS.

The first base matter we will have to do is access the official Snapchat website to locate the code that allows us to unlock the Flappy Bird game in our app. You can do this by accessing the follow liaison : Code for the game Flappy Bird on Snapchat. once the code is displayed on the riddle of your Android earphone or iPhone, you must click on the Open Snapchat option. This will open the Snapchat application and a humble window will appear in which you will have to click on the purple button : Release for 24 hours .

image Note: In the consequence that you access the Flappy Bird code from your calculator ‘s browser, when it is displayed on your calculator screen, you must open the Snapchat app on your telephone to line up, then scan it with the rear camera of your device. . once the Flappy Bird game has been added to the Snapchat percolate section, it will be available for 24 hours. After this time, the game will disappear from that section and you will have to scan the code again to re-enable it. To play Flappy Bird from Snapchat, all you have to do is access the face glasses section and snap on the Flappy Bird filter represented by a condom duck. This will mechanically display the game in 3D as virtual world on your environment on the screen of your Andorid or iPhone. That is, the plot will be developed on what you are focusing with the rear television camera of your device. here you will see the rubber dip, a point buffet and some pipes. The objective of the game is to fly the duckling to pass between the holes left by the pipes at the top and bottom. image To make the arctic duck fly / alternate, you must repeatedly press the screen of your device. This will make the parito fence persist in the air out. however, you must control the impulses of the lapp to prevent you from touching the pipes and being eliminated. As you go through pipes you will add points that will be shown in the marker at the top of the blind. The Flappy Bird game unlock code can be shared with any other snapchat ally. To send it by private message, you just have to access the filters part and select the game Flappy Bird. now you will see how fair above the video game picture you will see a letter “ i ”. Click on it and you will see a window open again where you will see the option Send to friends. This will bring up the Snapchat friends list where you can select the acquaintance or friends to send the code to.

image Without a doubt, this raw Flappy Bird game incorporated into Snapchat is a great routine that will please all its users and that will serve as a reason to keep using the app to the detriment of the big rival Instagram. The lone downside to this new Snapchat video bet on feature is that it can only be unlocked for 24 hours. After this time, you will have to scan the Flappy Bird code again to be able to enter it again in the lens section. If you do not want to repeat the process by accessing the Flappy Bird code web site, we recommend that you take a photograph of the code and then scan it directly from the bobbin or drift of your device. You can do this from : Settings> Snapcodes> Scan from your device 

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