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Birdbath flower beds are a dramatic batch to outdoor spaces. They normally add an antique appearance to the garden. Besides that, they come in amaze artistic shapes and designs. They are largely molded from either ceramic or concrete, though at times metallic element is used .BirdbathImage Credits: Pinterest Maintaining a bird bath for its original function is besides demanding. It involves cleaning and changing the water frequently because it gets contaminated with twigs and shuttlecock droppings. If left for retentive, it produces a bad malodor. Most people, consequently, give up on their bird baths after a short time, because of the liability. Remember they are these beautiful structures that look so cunning standing in your compound. You would not want to get rid of them wholly.

Birdbath DecorationImage Credits: West Coast Gardens The next best thing to do is to plant flowers in the dame bathe. These flower arrangements if done well give the bird baths and the besiege spaces a new lease of animation .

Steps on How to Plant Flowers in a Bird Bath

1. Consider the Depth of the Bird Bath

Most bird baths, because of their serve, are shallow. This means that you can not plant your flowers directly into it as the roots will not have space to grow. If you are making a boo bath with the sole purpose of planting flowers in it, then you will consider making it deeper .Birdbath Going back to the normal bird bathtub, because of the shallowness, you will need to use another planter, which you will place on top of the dame bath .

2. place the Bird Bath in its Permanent position

After filling it with land and planting the flowers, the boo bathe will decidedly become very heavy and immobile. You, therefore need to think about where you will place it permanently. The localization will be determined by respective factors including :

  • The type of flowers you intend to plant and the most ideal conditions under which they grow.
  • The position of the sun, rain and direction of the wind. Some flowers need the rain more than others. Sunlight is important to the general health of plants because it helps in photosynthesis. Because of the height of the bird baths, you will want to consider a less windy location, so that they can remain standing for a longer time.

3. Develop a drain system

Potted plants do not have natural drain systems, unlike garden plants. therefore, if you are using a planter or bird bath, ensure that you provide for drain. Without sufficient drain the roots will be clogged with water and start waste as a resultant role. You, consequently, need to get planters that already have holes at the penetrate or you make the holes. If you go for this option, make certain you place some stones between the planter and the dame bathroom come on. For bird baths, consider using one that is already cracked, or if you are making a new bird bath, provide for a hole at the bottom. You can besides drill an existing boo bathroom, though this is bad as it may break apart .

4. Put Soil in the Planter/Bird Bath

Birdbath Filled with soilImage Credits: succulentsandsunshine The next dance step is to put in dirt in the planter or shuttlecock bath. The best dirty for planting flowers is loam land, because it is highly porous and it comes with loads of nutrients. once you get the veracious soil, pour it in the planter/bird give birth up to two thirds broad. This is besides the early reason why you can not plant flowers in shallow bird baths directly. If you believe that your soil does not have sufficient nutrients, you can add small quantities of organic fertilizer .

5. Plant the flowers into the Pots

After you have put the right soil in the shuttlecock bathroom or planter, remove the flower seedlings from their pots and shake off excessive soil, to loosen the roots. Do not pull the roots aside with your own hands since this can cause them to break. place the flowers on the boo bath and ensure you leave enough space for the roots. Pour some dirty over the roots such that they are covered adequately. Repeat this procedure with the other seedlings. Depending on the type of flowers that you are planting, space appropriately to accommodate their increase and besides to make them and besides to make certain they will cover the wholly surface once they are grown .

6. Water the Flowers

now that all the flowers are well-placed in the bird bath, you should water them by spraying using a very all right nozzle. Remember the dirt is still very at large, and therefore you should avoid using besides much impel when lacrimation at this point. The land can easily be displaced.

Watering the flowers at this point is necessary because the roots will start grounding immediately. For the sake of vaporization, always implant your flowers towards evening and water system them, thus that they have time to absorb the water system at night .

7. Throw in Decorations

ultimately, you will need to throw in a few decorations to complete the aesthetic work. The fabric you will decide to use will depend on the mental picture you intend to create ampere well as precisely preference. The available options include :

  • Pebbles can buy from any decor store. Pebbles are the most commonly used items for decorating a bird bath flower bed because they are available, and they come in many colors. This means you have a wider option to choose from.
  • Gravel is readily available in construction sites or stone blasting sites. The limitation however is that there is no variety of colors. The small stones can however be soaked in oil-based point before placing them on the birdbath flower bed.
  • Tumbled glass – These are glass pieces that have been broken into smaller particles. It is a good way of reusing broken glass such that you do not have to throw them away. You can also have them in different colors, but the downside is that they can be hazardous if not handled with care.

What Kind of Flowers can be Planted in a Bird Bath?

Flowers that grow excessively tall may not be appropriate for a bird bath. short plants bring out the aesthetic value of the pieces quite well. Succulents make the best boo bath flowers because they come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. If they are shuffle up well, the beauty that they bring is to behold .Beautiful flower gardenImage Credits: Pinterest Overflowing plants such as the sweet potato vines can besides do well in dame baths. For boo baths that have two or more layers, you can combine the dwarf flowers or succulents and sugared potato vines. Besides what is planted in the shuttlecock bath, the surrounding garden plays a character in bringing out the smasher. You should therefore establish flowers that will bloom beautifully around the boo bath bloom bed. You can besides consider planting climbing flowers around the birdbath such that once they are amply grown they will cover the lower part. besides remember that alternatively of filling the entire bird bathroom space with plants you can create an placement of flowers and rocks or miniature artifacts. You can come up with artistic expressions that mimic daily life sentence activities .


Flower gardens do not need to be boring. There is so a lot that you can do to beautify the distance. It is besides crucial to note that besides the flowers you can besides implant herb, that you can use in the kitchen to add season to your food. Birdbath Basics

Birdbath Basics
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