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a combining form meaning “five,” used in the formation of compound words: quinquevalent.


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Origin of quinque-

<Latin, combining form of quīnque;see five

Words nearby quinque-

quinoxaline, quinq., quinquagenarian, quinquagenary, Quinquagesima, quinque-, quinquecentenary, quinquefid, quinquefoil, quinquefoliate, quinquennial Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2021

How to use quinque- in a sentence

  • Pedes subbreves; acrotarsiis scutellatis, scutis quinque; paratarsiis integris.

  • Item reliquit societati Sanct Mari de Certaldo libras quinque florenorum parvorum.

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  • Lateribus superioribus quinque-lateralibus, costis duabus modicis ab apice ad marginem basalem continuatis.

  • Here is one dated in 931 by which thelstan gives quinque mansas at Somerford and quinque mansas at Norton.

  • Pro altera sequitur comitatum et hundredum; pro altera solvit quinque strongos.

British Dictionary definitions for quinque-

Word Origin for quinque-

from Latin quinque

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