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The earthquake was ultimately over. It lasted over 150 seconds. background became regular and the very sight of the surrounding took everyone ’ s breath away. Within five minutes their world had changed. In all, four houses of the colony had tumbled down ; trees in the garden were now lying on the ground and all they could hear were cries ; cries of people who were trapped somewhere and people who saw fear bodies of their love ones soaked with rake and bruises. The whole rate was complete havoc ; it created the kind of havoc no one had witnessed earlier. Lilly and Dora ran towards their sign of the zodiac, neighbors tried to stop them as their sign of the zodiac was unstable and the whole place could disintegrate. Three walls in the house had crumpled and they knew that Miley had not so far returned, the chances of her survive were scanty. They reached the place where Miley was lying, she was still alive ; struggling to get out and Snowy was with her, credulously trying to move the enormous pieces of rampart that were on her legs .
Seven men from the colony came and helped in liberating her ; she was grievously injured. The shed blood wouldn ’ thymine arrest ; her head injury was their major concern. She couldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate move her leg and the trauma of the whole situation made her at large her senses. When she opened her eyes in the hospital, she had undergone a surgery. Lilly, James and Dora were standing good adjacent to her bed and smile at her, exhilarated for her recovery but there was besides an hurt in their center to see her express. She grinned and said, “ I will be fine, wear ’ thyroxine you worry about me ! ” the future question she asked was “ where is Snowy ? Is he approve ? ” James cared for Snowy but he did not agree to the empty-minded dissemble the Miley had pulled off for him, he was angered about it ; he replied in high lurch voice “ you unintelligent girl, who acts like that ? What if something worse happened ? ” she could see his eyes had turned red, he couldn ’ thyroxine hold rock over himself ; it was a desegregate feel of anger and sorrow thus he turned around to hide his tears. Lilly said “ Snowy is fine but he is overturned. He hasn ’ t been eating since then. ” It had been three days since the earthquake and snow-white was still lying in the same corner eyeing constantly at the doorway, waiting for Miley to come back ,
sophisticate entered the room and looked at Miley. “ Quick recovery, I must say ; you are a brave female child. Your mother told me your rationality of going back in the house. ” He smiled at her and after two seconds his smile diminished “ there is something that I have to tell you. ” there was tension and anxiety in the breeze. They stared at the doctor, waiting for the bad newsworthiness to break in. “ Miley, I am afraid that you will not be able to use your legs. The piece of wall that fell on your leg has damaged them sternly. The nerves have stopped working and you can not control your legs anymore. We can keep on trying, I will advise physical therapy and constant exercise ; it might improve your condition in future. ” Saying this he left the room.

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Devastated she was when she heard the doctor. She was good 10 years honest-to-god and now she had lost her leg, her ability to walk. She was capitulated in the sea of gloominess and without crying or asking foster questions, she nosedived in her blanket and closed her eyes. Silence ambushed the room ; no one dared to speak a password. Lilly plunged on the chair ; tears were rolling from her eyes. James and Dora embraced each other ; one could see the panic and trepidation in Dora ’ south eyes. James was trying hard to hold himself together though his efforts were about conceited. It seemed that person had pilfered the happiness from the integral family .
Girl on wheelchair
She was soon discharged from the hospital. Snowy waited for her on the doorsill as she entered, he looked weak and tired. They had shifted to a fresh place while the old house was getting fixed. He ran towards Miley and pounced on her wheelchair. He licked her on her face and sit down on her lick. His eyes lit up and the appeal on his face was visible again. Miley smiled for the beginning clock since she heard the newsworthiness. They entered the house ; Snowy jumped down from the wheelchair and started running approximately, barking at Miley, inviting her to play with him. soon he realized there was something wrong with her ; her smile was now shrinking and Snowy sensed it. He then sat gloomy and watch James press Miley ’ s wheelchair .
For the future two day Snowy would just observe what is going on in the house. Miley ’ s demeanor had changed drastically, nowadays she was always irritated and annoyed with people. She would shout at random things and start crying without any argue. The frustration of not walking, playing and being autonomous was killing her from the inside. Snowy wanted to make things better for her ; he was smart enough to know the solid situation. The following dawn Snowy jumped to on Miley ’ s wheelchair and forced her to hold his gloomy collar in her hand. He rushed devour and started walking. He dragged the wheelchair and he was taking Miley for a walk ! Lilly and Dora watched with perplex from the other corner of the house. They were surprised and their faces started glowing with a cushy giggle ; they looked at each other expressing their astonishment through their eyes and continued to watch Snowy. Miley was still confused with what was going on and she fair stared at Snowy. She realized that he wanted to take her out and she allowed him to do sol. They went on the lapp track where Snowy went for a walk every day. This time it was Snowy, who held his head with pride when he took Miley for a walk and his tail wagged constantly. The sum of trust that Miley put on him was immeasurable and he made certain not to break the lapp. He needed no aim, casual he would take her out for a long nice walk .
Snowy had learnt how to her experience food, wake her up in the morning and get her quick for her school. He had dedicated his life to Miley. His day would begin with waking her up and ended with sleeping beside her, guarding her from all the nightmares. 7 years passed by. People in the neighbor areas besides knew her. everyday people would love to see them walk through the roads and the gardens. They called her “ girlfriend with the cad ”. It was indeed like a miracle that a mere pawl could do so much, Miley and her family never regretted her going back in the house to save Snowy as they all knew that he was no ordinary frump. He was especial and he deserved all the love and worry. Miley and Snowy were inseparable ; they needed no other friends or company when they had each other. The love that they shared for each other was the prototype of friendship .
One day when they were on their day by day walks near the garden, a man kept starring at them with astonishment. He lived in the United Kingdom and was visiting his relatives in the nearby sphere. He asked his niece who was standing veracious next to him “ who is that girl with the andiron ? ” Miley ’ s report was very celebrated, the niece know about her. She replied “ she lost her leg when she was saving the pawl during the earthquake and since then the dog has been taking care of her. He takes her on a walk casual ; he would never leave her slope even for a moment. Their friendship is divine guidance for all of us. ” The world was very impressed. He was a surgeon, better than the best. His surgeries had a 0 % bankruptcy phonograph record. He wanted to help the daughter and he knew he could rebelliously do something about it. The adjacent day he went to Miley ’ second family to talk to her and her parents, “ good dawn ! My name is Ramesh, I came to India to visit my brother ” he started the conversation and told them about how he saw Miley and he wanted to help. James and Lilly were amused and their eyes lit up with hope. They asked him every question potential about his profession and his life, after getting full assurance they agreed for Miley ’ s check-up according to his guidance .
His assumption turned out to be on-key ; there were vibrations in Miley ’ s legs. He was now certain that she could be cured with a surgery. He has operated a alike patient 3 months ago and he was besides mindful of the fact that the doctors in India were not identical companion with that engineering. Ramesh decided to extend his stay and operate Miley himself as he did not trust the doctors there. cost of the operating room was an sum that they could scantily afford, so he besides offered to operate for release, they just had to pay for other charges. James was pixilated ; he asked Ramesh straight away “ You don ’ metric ton even know us. Why would you do so much for us ? ” Lilly gave him an angry look ; she squeezed his branch with blackmail to make him quite. Ramesh smiled and replied “ When I was child, I had a andiron, Toffee. We moved from India and I had to give him up, I wasn ’ t strong enough to fight my parents to take him along. I still miss Toffee and I admire your daughter so much for having the courage to save Snowy at the risk of her life. She kept the promise that she made to her frump, which I couldn ’ thymine. Doing anything for your daughter would like doing something for Toffee. You are lucky to have a daughter like Miley and I can besides say a son like Snowy. ” His eyes turned wet and he continued “ wear ’ thymine worry about your daughter, I assure you, she will walk again and that besides very soon. ” James hugged Ramesh and kissed on hired hand “ you do not know how a lot this means to us. We will never ever forget this act of kindness. ” Lilly smiled and prayed to lord as for her Ramesh was god ’ sulfur messenger .
Dog- Snowy
Miley went through the operation. Her operation was successful. She could walk again, playing period again, and run again. All that was going on her mind was, she can play with Snowy in the same old manner and she couldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate delay to see him. When she reached home, Snowy saw her stand on her own feet and it seemed like the little creature was dancing with joy, jumping on the sofa, running and bark and fantastic. His happiness was beyond bill. Miley bend down and hugged him tightly ; he licked her on the checks and legs. James, Lilly and Dora were laughing at the restlessness of Snowy. The whole family planned to celebrate that night and it seemed like the populace was perfect again, no sorrows, no grieves and nothing more to ask for from the godhead.

“ Let us all go out for dinner ” James exclaimed. “ This decidedly calls for a celebration ” Lilly continued. Everyone gave a nod confirming their agreement to the hypnotism. Snowy barked as if even he agreed to go for the dinner. Dora said “ yes, Snowy even you are coming with us ” she giggled. Snowy wagged his stern with happiness. They went to a newfangled place in the suburbs where they allowed taking pets along for the dinner. It was a garden restaurant, Miley took a walk with Snowy, this meter without the wheelchair but still Snowy was the one who took the moderate and she followed. This was one of the best moments of her animation. She had lost all the hopes that she could ever walk like that again. They sat on an artificial rock in the right corner of the restaurant and she looked at Snowy in the eyes. His eyes sparkled like diamonds and she thought about her journey .
Snowy had taught her indeed many things ; she knew that she would have never run into a house that was on the brink of getting collapsed. The courage and forte that she felt in that moment was something charming and she felt it every day since the accident. She faced her fears with Snowy, he taught her to survive on her own and explore her inner fortitude. She taught him to be a true acquaintance and purity of sexual love. She said “ Thank you Snowy, I love you for everything you have done for me ” and hugged him ; Snowy licked her expression and wagged his dock. After a few moments of secrecy they returned to the board for dinner. Snowy ’ s treat was served in a ashen little bowl with brown bones drawn on the edges. He gulped the food within seconds and then kept staring at Dora ’ s plate ; she was eating eggs, Snowy ’ s favorite. She threw a musical composition of egg in the air and Snowy showed one his best tricks. He jumped, twisted in the vent, grabbed the piece in his mouthpiece and ate it at once. Everyone on the table and even the family sitting diagonally to them clapped and exclaimed with gladden for the amaze catch. They returned home late, they went on a retentive drive after the dinner, listening to old hindi songs on radio and enjoying the becoming weather .
That night was probably the most passive night for Snowy. He kept staring at Miley with enchant and contentedness in his heart. He felt as if he had completed his job and he could nowadays be certain that Miley is potent enough for anything and everything that comes across her room. Miley woke up by herself the adjacent dawn. She looked at Snowy sleeping beside her and decided to let him sleep for a little longer. Two hours had passed and Snowy inactive did not wake up. She called Lilly in the room “ Mom, please come here equally soon as possible ” she shouted. “ Coming my beloved ” Lilly replied from the kitchen. “ Snowy wouldn ’ t wake up ” she said. Lilly knew that he would never sleep for this long. With trembling hands she checked his pulse. She immediately looked down ; couldn ’ triiodothyronine look at Miley in the eye. Miley put her hand on Lilly ’ south shoulder, “ moms please tell me what is it ? ! ” she exclaimed. Lilly didn ’ thymine answer. Drops of tears rolled out of her eyes and she hugged Miley tightly. In less than 12 hours, the happiest house in the planet was showered with sadness and pain. pain that damage and pricked like needles scratching proper through the heart .
There was not a individual smile in the family for the next match of weeks. Miley couldn ’ triiodothyronine sleep in her own room anymore. She slept with James and Lilly .
Stephen King once wrote : “ Time takes it all. Whether you want it to or not. Time takes it all, time bears it aside, and in the end, there is entirely dark. sometimes we find others in that dark. And sometimes we lose them there again ” .
Snowy was barking and playing in her room. He was sitting on Miley ’ s sleep together and was wagging his buttocks. His blue rope was hanging by the bed. Miley suddenly woke up. It was a dream. She knew Snowy wouldn ’ t take away the independence that he taught her. She had to go rear in her room, sleep in the identical bed without him and she did that. Her beloved for Snowy would never fade away, never die as it was not bounded with the limitations of life and death or human and animal ; it was the love in pure shape possible. No count where she goes, whom she loves or how many kids she may give birth to ; Snowy would constantly be her best friend, her first child and her love ; in her heart she will always remain- “ Girl with the dog. ”

We partake a cryptic bond with our pets that no one can understand, they are our partners, siblings, best friends and a very important separate of our life. They inspire us in brilliant ways and it is impossible to imagine our lives without them. This narrative is dedicated to all those pets who staunched their unharmed life to us .
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