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Weruva Classic Cat

Cans and Pouches — Our original lineup features boneless, skinless white breast meat chicken and fish loins, with options for recipes that are chicken- and fish-free…because high-quality proteins and low-in-fat feline recipes are always in style.


Weruva Cat Patés

Cans and Pouches — Our newest food texture to the Weruva Classic Cat lineup of foods, a paté in a POUCH! Using the same ingredients as Weruva Classic, delicately blended into a hydrating purée. Spin the wheel and check out what is behind door number one!


Weruva Cat Stew!

Cans and Pouches — They’re Stewpendous! All recipes feature wild-caught salmon in a lickable gravy for a delicious meal who’s rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and more. Choose from a variety of recipes that are grain, gluten, carrageenan and potato free!


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Cats in the Kitchen

Cans and Pouches — If your cats could cook, they’d cook up these dishes featuring a variety of textures and flavors with land and sea proteins like boneless, skinless white breast chicken meat, lamb, and fish loins, available in both cans and pouches.


Cats in the Kitchen Patés

Pouches — Land and Sea proteins meet up compose the latest in our dynamic duo of paté foods. Cats In The Kitchen patés are what a paté is meant to be – delicately blended meats in a hydrating purée.


B.F.F. Best Feline Friend Originals

Cans and Pouches — B.F.F. recipes all start with red meat tuna as a base ingredient—protein-packed, low in fat and highly palatable. The best food for your best friend… for life!


B.F.F. Oh My Gravy! (OMG)

Cans and Pouches — Just like our best-selling Best Feline Friend recipes, these formulations pack a serious protein punch with red meat tuna, now in a sumptuous meaty gravy for hydration and palatability. Oh em gee!



Cans and Pouches — Paté Lovers Aw Yeah! If your feline friend loves paté, then they are going to go wild for our new B.F.F. PLAY recipes. Chicken only, fish only, and mixed protein recipes means there is something for every paté loving kitty.


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Cans — Weruva’s TruLuxe line features unique proteins such as Australian grass-fed beef, wild-caught pink salmon, fresh basa, saba (Japanese mackerel), cage-free turkey and more for premium nutrition who’s tasty, tried and tru!


Litter, Supplements & More

Pumpkin Patch Up

Pouches — Our go-to, happy-belly-maker, this pumpkin supplement is a great source of well-beingy fiber to support your kitty’s digestive system without artificial ingredients, sweeteners, colors or flavors.


Cat Litter

Weruva searched the world over to find the finest litter for cats! Featuring Hinoki wood and green tea from Japan, this low-dust, clay-free, clumpable litter is responsibly sourced and sustainably made to suppress bacteria and odor, naturally, and minimize mess.


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