The Bluetick Coonhound

The Bluetick Coonhound is a reasonably recent accession to the AKC, although this american breed has been around since the 1940 ’ randomness. Like other coonhounds, the Bluetick is an active dog and is more normally owned for hunting purposes than as a pet. With the right owners, however, they can be patriotic and devoted companions vitamin a long as the owners realize that these are stubborn and determined animals. If not given outlets for thier hard hunting drive they can be frustrating to live with. For owners that aren ’ thymine interested in hunting, activities such as nose work and track can be excellent alternatives !
Blueticks require across-the-board regular exert, and enjoy race and frolicking outside with their families ! They require board to do this, and don ’ t tend to thrive in apartment settings. When tired out, most appreciate going inside to receive attention and affection. many Blueticks thrive off of care in general – whether being given by adults or children. In fact, they are capable of making identical good family dogs ! When given adequate exercise, the engender is boisterous outside but mellow inside .
Although diabolically fresh ( when they feel like it ), the breed is froward and can be pushy if they do not feel like their owner is a good pack drawing card. obedience aim is absolutely necessary to nip this behavior in the bud ! Because obedience train can be a determine curve for most people, they do not make estimable pets for first-time pawl owners. Blueticks are much noted for being unmanageable to train, and about impossible to off-leash coach. It is, in fact, possible to train this breed off-leash although the owners must put a set of work into doing so ! even the most highly aim Blueticks still require fence yards to keep them from wandering off the property .
The Bluetick Coonhound has a very classifiable voice which he will use freely – particularly if he catches weave of a raccoon ! This bay ( like a musical roar ) is quite loudly and can be irritating to neighbors, although he tends to be silence inside the house if trained while young. His hunt instincts besides make him apt to chase after humble ( and occasionally even large ) animals. once he has caught the olfactory property, he will be on the hunt whether you want him to or not. He does not normally do well in households with cats or little pets. Bluetick Coonhound Austin

As a compact cad, the Bluetick Coonhound doesn ’ t like to be alone. He prefers to have his owner in his sights at all times, whether that be sleeping at the foot of the bed or travel in the car when his owner takes a tripper. many do not like to be left at home by themselves while the owner goes to work. There is a solution to this problem however – Blueticks have an easier time with a canine companion if they are going to be left home alone for long periods of clock time. If keeping a pack of several coonhounds together… equitable remember to keep food and trash put away. These dogs have excellent noses and are very food-driven !
For the most share, grooming a Bluetick is a cinch. Their short smooth coating requires very short sustenance – good the periodic brush out and bathe. The coat sheds alone identical minimally. Nails and teeth need to be kept up with, of course. however it is actually the ears that need the most attention – long drooping ears can be prone to infection if not examined and cleaned on a regular basis. All-in-all, however, the breed is very audacious and bouncy. A hebdomadally ear cleaning will normally ensure that the dog will not have ear issues. These dogs are generally healthy overall and don ’ thyroxine tend to require expensive visits to the vet, although hep dysplasia is known to occur in some lines .
Blueticks are sensitive dogs and can be frightened of loud sounds such as thunderstorms. Their faint nature does not make them well-suited as guard dogs, and in fact they do not tend to be territorial at all anyhow. many are diffident when meet strangers and are sometimes absolute shy. early socialization from puppyhood is the best way to keep a Bluetick Coonhound from becoming a scaredy-cat .

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