Blue Picardy Spaniel

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The Blue Picardy Spaniel was only recognized as a separate breed from the Picardy Spaniel in 1938 .

The Blue Picardy Spaniel is a medium-sized gun chase that originated from the region of northerly France known as Picardy. As a descendant of the Picardy Spaniel and the English Setter, the engender ’ s original determination was to locate game birds in harsh terrain. The technical terminus for this type of andiron is a spaniel : it flushes bet on out of the dense brush and then retrieves the prey where it has landed. Despite being a well-established purebred dog, it is not presently recognized by the american english Kennel Club. It does, however, have a small but avid follow in its native country of France and parts of French-speaking Canada.

See all of our adept product reviews. The Blue Picardy was obviously built for hunting work. Some of the common physical characteristics include an acrobatic soundbox, long muzzle, drooping ears, and a bland or crinkled coating of stipple bluing, about black fur with white markings. There are supernumerary featherings around the leg, stomach, ears, and chase american samoa well. Blue Picardy puppies are actually born with white and black spots. The roan fur color, in which a assortment of black and white hairs combine into a screen of blue-grey appearance, only develops subsequently as the andiron starts to mature .

3 pros and cons of owning a Blue Picardy Spaniel

Pros!Cons!Very Affectionate
The Blue Picardy loves the company of people.High Mental and Social Needs
The Blue Picardy needs constant companionship and activity throughout the day.Intelligent and Trainable
While originally bred to hunt, the Blue Picardy is an all-around versatile dog that adapts well to its training.Requires Lots of Exercise
This breed needs an outlet for its tremendous reserves of energy.Good-natured and Gentle
Provided it’s properly trained, this breed is well-behaved and non-aggressive.Needs Plenty of Space
This breed is probably not well-suited for small apartments.Blue Picardy Spaniel dog standing on grass.Blue Picardy Spaniel dog standing on grass.

Blue Picardy Spaniel Size and Weight

The Blue Picardy is a medium-sized breed with an acrobatic and well-muscled body. Males and females are about the same size. Height (Male) 22 to 24 inches Height (Female) 22 to 24 inches Weight (Male) 55 to 70 pounds Weight (Female) 55 to 70 pounds

Blue Picardy Spaniel Common Health Issues

The Blue Picardy is a very goodly cad with an average life cross of around 13 years, but it is prone to developing some problems such as ear infections, cancer, ectropion ( in which the lower eyelid droops down, exposing character of the eye ), and a developmental disorderliness called hip dysplasia, in which the hep can slip loose from its socket, causing lameness and pain. ideally, the andiron should receive a authentication from the veterinarian to prove that it is free of coarse developmental and genic issues. A good breeder should have already done this health certification procedure by themselves before the point of purchase. Once you actually bring your frump home, regular visits to the veteran are essential to catch electric potential health problems early on. In summation, these are the most coarse health problems :

  • Ear infections
  • Ectropion
  • Cancer
  • Hip Dysplasia

Blue Picardy Spaniel Temperament

The ideal Blue Picardy is well-bred and expressive ; it isn ’ t excessively aggressive or excessively shy. It ’ mho devoted to the class and loves playtime and company. Owners will need to spend a lot of fourth dimension with this breed, engaging it with games, playtime, exercise, and other forms of activity. It should not be left entirely by itself for long periods of meter .

Health and Entertainment for your Blue Picardy Spaniel

See all of our expert product reviews. Hyperactivity and destructive demeanor are normally signs of a bored dog and not deep behavioral issues. If you need to spend a hanker time off from home, then you should have a plan in place for person to take care of your andiron .

How to Take Care of the Blue Picardy Spaniel

The Blue Picardy is a good option for have and engaged owners who have the time and ability to care for a highly active frank breed. Since they require a bunch of quad to run round and play, the Blue Picardy is not identical well-suited for apartment living. other than that, it shouldn ’ thyroxine be besides unmanageable to care for this bred.

Blue Picardy Spaniel Food and Diet

The Blue Picardy will need a few cups of high-quality dog food per day, depending on its size, age, activity grade, and other characteristics. It has no other especial dietary considerations, but you should watch its calorie consumption cautiously to prevent it from developing fleshiness .

Blue Picardy Spaniel Maintenance and Grooming

The Blue Picardy will need to be brushed about once or doubly a workweek to keep the coat legato and goodly. During the spring and fall shedding seasons, it may need to be brushed ampere often as once a sidereal day. Professional groom is not necessary, but the fur that grows around the pads and toes should be trimmed from time to time. Another significant aspect of its caution is the casual toe nip to prevent them from cracking or clicking on the floor. Brushing the tooth with an appropriate dog-specific merchandise will keep the tooth and gums goodly. finally, it is a commodity mind to check the ears regularly for signs of infection or wax buildup. A bare cotton dab and cleaning solution will normally suffice to keep the ears goodly .

Blue Picardy Spaniel Training

The Blue Picardy is very ache, responsible, and tidal bore to learn new things. Since it has historically worked closely with people, it should be a proportional breeze to train with little of the stubbornness that may afflict other breeds. however, since this breed does have a sensitive side, it does not respond well to harsh words or training methods. The Blue Picardy requires both subscribe and solitaire from its owner. Give it enough time and distance to learn at its own pace .

Blue Picardy Spaniel Exercise

The Blue Picardy is a highly energetic breed with great stamen and fortitude. It will credibly require at least an hour of exercise per day. This engender has a strong desire to engage in vigorous run and float. It besides excels at retrieving, agility trials, and obedience challenges .

Blue Picardy Spaniel Puppies

The Blue Picardy is very energetic and boisterous as a puppy, but with enough training and socialization, the right owner can well mold it into a mature and convinced pornographic. Puppy kindergarten classes might be a good estimate starting about 10 to 12 weeks old. You should besides take your puppy to parks, playdates, and other places with lots of people and dogs. In short, you should socialize your cad early and much. professional classes, while not rigorously mandate, can help shape your dog into a mannerly pornographic. Crate coach can besides help puppies with housebreak and behavioral issues .

The Blue Picardy Spaniel and Children

The Blue Picardy should get along exceptionally well with children of all ages. Its affectionate personality, loyal devotion, and aristocratic demeanor all combine to make it a bang-up family chase. Nevertheless, adults should never leave dogs and children together unsupervised, no topic how friendly their temperament, merely in case you need to intervene and stop a bad interaction .

Dogs Similar to the Blue Picardy Spaniel

The Blue Picardy closely resembles the surveil types of French and English spaniels :

  • Picardy Spaniel: This is the closest living relative of the Blue Picardy. While physically and behaviorally similar, the main difference is the chocolate or chestnut brown fur color.
  • Brittany: This sweet and good-natured hunting dog was developed in the nearby French region of Brittany between the 17th and 19th centuries. It is characterized by a compact, athletic body, expressive face, drooping ears, and a flowing coat of orange or liver and white fur. Black and white or roan is also sometimes accepted.
  • French Spaniel: Prized by the French aristocracy in the Middle Ages, this friendly and outgoing gundog would accompany its owner on the hunt and locate prey by silently pointing. It is characterized by a medium-length straight or wavy coat with a white base and brown markings.
  • English Setter: A gentle and people-oriented dog, the English Setter was originally bred to hunt small fowl. It is characterized by a long silky white coat with flecks of black, orange, or liver covering the body.
  • Braque Saint-Germain: The name itself offers a description of the dog. Braque means pointing dog in French, and Saint-Germain describes the region of France, just northwest of Paris, from which it originated. This is a very versatile, medium-sized pointer with a short coat of white fur and orange markings.

Famous Blue Picardy Spaniel Dogs

The Blue Picardy international relations and security network ’ t long-familiar outdoor of hunting circles in its native France. however, the american actress Kate Bosworth owned a Blue Picardy called Happy.

spaniel If you ’ re hush diffident about what to name your new dog, then you might want to consider one of the follow options :

  • Remy
  • Louis
  • Pierre
  • Amelie
  • Josephine
  • Hunter
  • Charlotte
  • Chloe
  • Clara
  • Victor

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