Project Zomboid – Zombies have feelings too – Zombie behavior and how to live peacefully with them

Project Zomboid – Zombies have feelings too – Zombie behavior and how to live peacefully with them 1 - For far besides long ( past 41 builds ) zombies were the lowest degree of population, needing to kill to eat and get killed to finally feel felicitous. They are the biggest civil group in KY and other parts of the global, with no rights and being shunned by those higher. This steer will seek to help this group, and possibly, ultimately have it co-exist with other groups.


photograph this :
You are coming home from a supermarket travel with some groceries in your bag, And you see streets filled with zombies. You are disgusted, but get a smell of sadness, seeing all these people striked by a virus, homeless and athirst. They start coming to you and try to attack you, but you commit self-defense and respective zombies are dead on the street.

What you witnessed here is, a zombi ’ randomness behavior…

Zombie behavior

Suprise or not, zombies follow instincts and behavior in order to survive : 1. Physical stuff :
Strenght and seaworthiness is something ALL zombies have. All zombies are singular, but with a normal eye, you can see 3 distinct “ options ” for both of those forcible skills ( strenght having 2 physical stuff with 3 options ) : a. fitness :
A : Shambler : These zombies were REALLY hurt by the virus, making them walk in truth lento. Imagine a 80 year old without a cane
B : Fast shambler : A zombies very minorly hurt by the virus. Walks slightly fast, but inactive a snatch slower than those not hit by it
C : Sprinters : A zombi ENCHANCED AND MADE BY A DEVIL. These zombies will sprint at you ( duh ), so if you get into a drove of them…. Run FAST AS ♥♥♥♥. b. Strenght :
A : weak : probably either very young/old automaton, or one with identical little drill. They will have a hard prison term getting grips on you, and in groups you could credibly escape 5-6 of them even if they were to swarm you
B : normal : These zombies will be found most frequently. They will have a reasonably hard time getting grips on you, and about 3-4 of them can take you down.
C : superhuman : These zombies were either bodybuilders before the infection, or the virus enchanced their overall strenght. Getting invade with 2-3 zombies is basically death. If you are very watery, only 1 zombi can take you down, sol even alone encounters are baneful if you ’ ra not careful. c. Toughnes :
A : fragile : Either faint before the infection, or weakened by it, or badly decompose. These zombies can be easily taken down, even with short weapons ( if strenght and skill in that short weapon are good adequate ).
B : normal : Most zombies are normal. They require a beat to be put down, but with adequate pull they can be 1-shoted, even with short weapons.
C : ruffianly : These zombies were credibly used as kernel shields or something. They require lots of impel to be put down, and knocking them down is besides a problem. You need a truly potent and talented character to 1-shot them. unretentive weapons are besides very weak against them. If you are weak, you will have big problems with these zombies. now, for the genial stuff…

Mental Stuff

This will cover most stuff mental, like hearing or eyesight : a. Eyesight :
A : Poor – These zombies either had poor eyesight before infection, or contagion damaged their eyesight. They will have a hard time seeing things, even if they are in front and near them. They besides seem to be litteraly blind at night time, and have a very hard time to find lit-up rooms.
B : normal – What you see most of the meter. They can see you from a good distance off, and can can see lit up rooms pretty well. They placid have poor eyesight in the dark.
C : eagle-eyed – These zombies are REALLY GREAT at seeing things, or Find Waldo. They can see you from great distances, possibly greater than your own. They can see during night time pretty well, and can find lit-ip rooms fast and easy.

bel : hearing :
A : Poor – These zombies will have a intemperate time hearing ANYTHING. even a shotgun blast from 100-150 cells away might not be heard. They can be easily snuck up on, and any sound heard from inside a house, arsenic long as it isn ’ t something like a shotgun gust or a grenade, will be silent.
B : normal – These zombies have convention hearing properties. They will hear a shotgun blast from normal cell distance. Sneaking up on them is besides normal, but any sound inside a theater will be decreased but can even be heard.
C : pinpoint – These zombies will hear sounds from EXTREME DISTANCES. Shotguns blasts could be heard from up to 300+ cells. Sneaking at them is hard, and sounds in houses could be heard easily. c : smell :
A : Poor – These zombies have fuss smelling. They will merely smell things like blood from extremely close distances
B : normal – These zombies have no trouble smelling. They will smell things from a good distance away, but not a big distance away
C : Bloodhound – These zombies can smell you from capital distances. These distances can be up to 30+ cells. cognition : And this is pretty easy to understand
A : basic Navigation : These zombies will try to follow the target in the most heterosexual means, even if it ’ s not the fastest way. For exercise, trying to break down a windowpane, even if there is already a afford door near it.
B : Navigation : These zombies will try to find the fastest way to you or heard heavy,
C : Navigation + Use doors : What ’ mho above, but zombies can now open doors, SOO LOCK THE ♥♥♥♥ UP. Some zombies can besides be either nocturnal or not nocturnal ( what was this named ) .

How to (Non-Violently) get rid off zombies.

There are many ways to transport zombies to other areas like forests or already plunder places. Something something shepheard :
Get a large group of zombies using screams or loudly objects.
Have it follow you somewhere.
When you are at the location, run away arsenic fast as possible.
The zombies should be stuck there for some time There are more ways, But I don ’ t have fourth dimension to get ALL of them in here

Why use Non-Violent ways?

Before you say, No. Non-Violent ways are not the BEST ways to get rid of zombies.
I hush think that zombies can be rid of means easier using Violent ways, But these ways can help you if you arent strong and Fit, or skilled enough for Violent ways.

Hope this helped!

Written by YepThatsMyName I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Project Zomboid – Zombies have feelings besides – Zombie behavior and how to live peacefully with them ; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below ! See you soon !Recommended for You:

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