πŸ₯‡10 Best Dog Houses to Buy in (November 2021)

today ’ s modern cad theater does not have the harsh reputation its predecessors did. alternatively of being a deplorable place to send a naughty frump, chase houses are now safe havens for dogs who like to spend clock time outside. And when you pick out merely the right cad house for your furred friend, you can do so knowing it international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate a harsh place to punish a chase, but quite a restful area that offers protection from the elements . β€œ cipher likes to be left out in the coldness, particularly your canine companion. A thoroughly chase house can be your puppy ’ sulfur refuge or their home away from home when they ’ re out enjoying the bang-up outdoors. not only does a andiron family help protect them from heat, cold, snow, and rain, it besides gives them a safe place to call their own. ” Dr. Chyrle Bonk, DVM The flip is the limit for frank houses. You can find one that will fit a desire space or form, one that matches your house, or one for the small prima donna in your life. And to keep your search simple, we ’ ve done all the inquiry and put together an update and revise list of the best frump houses available today.

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Our exceed picks
Benefits of frank houses
How to pick the right cad family
Best materials for a frump sign of the zodiac
Training a pawl to use a dog firm

Our top picks

We ’ ve place in hours of of cultivate, combing through products, reading reviews, and researching top sources in the pet community. The result ? The best 8 andiron houses we could find !

Petsfit Wooden Dog House

Best Overall Our top chase house has been a clear rival for years due to its durable, versatile social organization .See price on Amazon The Petsfit Wooden Dog House is our front-runner with good reason. The structure itself is made from cedar woodwind, which is naturally raincoat and repels fleas and ticks. We love that so much think has been put into the construction of the Petsfit cad house, from its lastingness to fun little features to make life sentence easier. The Petsfit andiron house comes with a slate floor, supported with supernumerary rails and feet. Thanks to the position of these removable slats, the whole frump house is well ventilated. In addition to the vent floor, the Petsfit has an openable roof. With the ceiling raised, you can clean out the dog house easier or fair let in more air on hot days. With a stainless sword frame and brackets, you can rest easy knowing this andiron firm is durable . There are 3 color options and 3 size options for the Petsfit Wooden Dog House. The accurate size specifications can be found in the number, making it easy to find just the correct suit for your pup. While some fabrication is required for the Petsfit, it comes with pre-drilled holes and clear instructions. You can have it up and ready the lapp sidereal day you get it ! Two of our favorite features of the Petsfit chase house are its adjustable legs and asphalt shingles. The peg permit you to create a grade raised floor, evening if the establish you ’ re putting it on is mismatched. And the asphalt shingles prevent sun damage and keep the house protected from extreme point weather, particularly when combined with the admit door flaps. Our biggest ailment with the Petsfit is it doesn ’ triiodothyronine come fully insulated for winter weather. however, you can purchase an insulation kit individually .


  • Elevated base
  • Slated floor for ventilation
  • Easy open top
  • Adjustable legs
  • Door flap
  • Made of cedar and stainless steel


  • Doesn’t include winter insulation
  • Amazon favorite – Often sells out!

Petmate Husky Dog House

Best for second choice Our runner-up has indeed many fantastic qualities to keep your pawl safe and comfortable outside .See price on Amazon The Petmate Husky Dog House may be designed for Huskies, but it works well for any medium to large cad. The rugged, durable blast is made from a heavy plastic, perfect for areas with more extreme weather. When combined with a comfortable cad pad, the Petmate Husky igloo is a great invest for your larger cad to rest outdoors. One of our favorite things about the Petmate Husky frank theater is it includes a rear ventilation flap. With the bombastic, exaggerated entrance, the rise ventilation keeps air travel moving throughout the pawl house, preventing cast buildup. And the shape of the Petmate Husky frank house international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine barely for looks. The geometric design is for an increased load force, so you know you ’ re getting a durable, hard house for your darling . The Petmate dog theater only comes in one size and can fit dogs up to 90 pounds. While we decidedly wish there were more size options, we can besides appreciate a product created for a specific size of dogs. And while the igloo looks a bit complicated, it ’ second actually super easy to assemble. All you need is a screwdriver, a few minutes, and you ’ re fix to go ! The Petmate Husky Dog House is our runner-up due to its lastingness, exalted floor, and well-designed public discussion. We wish it were easier to access the inner, particularly for clean, and that there were door flaps. But overall, we ’ re pretty impressed with our runner-up .


  • Durable foam plastic material
  • Rear ventilation
  • Elevated floor
  • Made for extreme weather


  • No door flaps
  • Harder to clean interior
  • Only for medium to large dogs

Starplast Dog House Kennel

Budget choice Looking for a pawl family on a budget ? Look no far ! We ’ ve found an option that is durable and cheap !See price on Amazon The Starplast pawl house was an easy picking for our budget option. The more traditional-looking pawl family is extremely lightweight and easy to move around if needed. The social organization is made from a durable, heavy-duty formative, so you won ’ thymine have to worry about wear and bust. The Starplast depends on its large door for ventilation, which isn ’ triiodothyronine something we favor. however, for such an cheap choice, we understand this miss of extra public discussion. The lastingness of the UV stabilized substantial of the dog house is where Starplast in truth shines. You made need to add extra ventilation and insulation, but this budget dog house will last you a farseeing time . The Starplast comes in two sizes, modest and large, so you can pick the size that works best for your specific pup. The little can hold dogs up to 25 pounds while the big holds dogs astir to 50 pounds. No matter which size you get, you ’ ll be able to put the home in concert in a few minutes .


  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to assemble
  • Weather resistant structure


  • Poor ventilation
  • Requires additional insulation
  • Bottom isn’t raised

Petsfit Indoor Dog House

Best for the indoors A gorgeous indoor dog house you can customize to match your design and style .See price on Amazon An indoor dog house is going to have different requirements than one for the outdoors. But that doesn ’ t make finding the right indoor dog house any easier, which is why we ’ re so impress by the Petsfit Indoor Dog House. Made specifically to work as a nibble of furniture that functions as a frank sign of the zodiac, this gorgeous, natural house will make the perfect nook for your fur baby. Unlike outdoor pawl houses, an indoor house doesn ’ thymine need adenine much insulating material. however, despite being made for the indoors, Petsfit made this chase house extremely durable. The natural logs are waterproofed with an environmentally safe varnish. And with outdoors gaps on the side, you can rest assured there is plenty of ventilation in this little frump dwell . There are technically 4 different size options for the Petsfit Indoor Dog House, but each one is slightly different in style. We prefer the 31x20x20 option because it ’ s gorgeous, can easily be painted to match a room, and has an openable top. besides, the shock is removable, making it even easier to clean. We appreciate functional furniture here at The Pets Master, particularly if that function is for our very darling fur baby .


  • Functions as furniture
  • Easy to clean
  • Well ventilated
  • Foldable


  • Requires work if painting or varnishing
  • Not for big dogs
  • Woods is too thin to hold heavy pets

Merry Pet Wood Pet House

Best for the diva Hear us out – Wouldn ’ t you want a pawl house with a opinion ?See price on Amazon Made from gorgeous, uncompromising cedar wood, this two-story favored sign of the zodiac by Merry Pet Wood is absolutely sandbag. And we just know the short prima donna in your life is going to love it ! The best news of all ? even though we were drawn to the design, the Merry Pet Wood frank house besides has meaning. The Merry Pet Wood dog house is crafted with kiln-dried cedar and then stained with natural coloring material. As a solution, the gorgeous pet house, fit for royalty, is safe and extremely durable. The circus tent comes off and the buttocks can be removed for easy clean. Plus, with its raised legs, the Merry Pet Wood Pet House keeps air out flowing through and around the house while keeping it safe from the elements . This pet family suited for a true prima donna includes a balcony, protected by a beautiful wicket edge. While we ’ rhenium not big fans of the stairs ( many owners replace this with a ramp ), we calm love to see the creativity of this cad family. Used inside or out, it decidedly makes a instruction for the most spoil of our puppers .


  • Made with cedar
  • Easy to clean
  • Simple assembly process
  • Raised floor for ventilation


  • Only for smaller dogs
  • Included ladder difficult for some dogs
  • Needs extra insulation for outdoor use

Petmate Indigo Dog House

Also great Another model of the choice of a Petmate chase house, from lastingness to a exhaustive ventilation system .See price on Amazon With its offset doorway and heavy-duty fictile body, the Petmate Indigo is a fantastic andiron house. even better, it ’ second one of the less expensive pawl houses on our list ! We ’ rhenium huge fans of the Indigo ’ s raised floor, which keeps your dog aside from a cold, wet, or tied hot grate. Ventilation is of huge importance when it comes to a safe pawl house. The Petmate Indigo has a fantastic roof breathing system that keeps fresh air circulating. As a result, your puppy will get cleanse, cool air even in the hottest upwind. The Indigo is besides made with thickly foam credit card, which makes the frank house very durable and naturally insulated. The Petmate Indigo comes in 3 different sizes, making it perfect for modest, culture medium, or big dogs. And, as is the case with most Petmate products, the Indigo is very simple to put together. We ’ ra huge fans of the disinfectant security on the frump house as well the oversized, offset entrance .


  • Durable, insulated structure
  • Elevated floor
  • Ventilation system


  • Difficult to clean interior
  • Recent reports of poor packaging

Petmate Precision Extreme Outback Log Cabin Dog House

Also great A sturdy, gorgeous dog house that is perfective for year-round protection for your pet dog .See price on Amazon Perfect for dogs of all sizes, the Petmate Precision Extreme Outback Log Cabin is made with such quality and attention to detail, you could weather a storm in it ! The logarithm cabin design international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate just for good looks, it ’ s extremely functional. From the craft of the structure to the quality of the materials, this is well one of our darling cad houses. The Petmate Precision Extreme has a raised floor to keep your frank dry and cool no matter the upwind. Add to that the firm wood construction – this is a heavy pawl house ! – and the stainless sword hardware and you have one hardy pawl house. A aslant, asphalt lined roof keeps any moisture out and off the roof. ultimately, the legs are adjustable, so you can set this up anywhere and be convinced in a balance, stable home away from home for your chase. We ’ re huge fans of Petmate and are thrilled to have one more of their products on this list !


  • Made with real cedar and stainless steel
  • Fits a wide range of dogs
  • Designed for the outdoors


  • Doesn’t come insulated
  • Complaints of dogs chewing through the wood
  • Poor shipping material complaints

Midwest Homes for Pets

Also great The last on our tilt, but decidedly not the least, we love the appliance of this foldable frank house .See price on Amazon If construction is not a force, this is the dog house for you. The no-tools-needed Midwest Homes Eillo is made with urine immune wood and stainless steel steel hardware, with an asphalt ceiling. But, unlike some of the other pawl houses on our list, these fantastic build materials don ’ t need to be put together with a hammer and nails : You merely unfold the sign of the zodiac ! The charge feet of this andiron house for large dogs keeps it off the ground and besides provide breathing through the planks in the wood. The hinge ceiling opens to make cleaning out the home easier than always. While we ’ re the first to point out you ’ ll need extra insulation for this structure, we think it ’ second worth the convenience of a cook to go frump sign of the zodiac. not surely you ’ ll like it ? That ’ sulfur fine ! The intersection comes with a 1 year guarantee !


  • Foldable design
  • Water resistant
  • Raised floor
  • Hinged roof for easy access


  • Needs to be aired out before using
  • Some complaints of unstable floor

Benefits of dog houses

The main benefit of a frank theater is to provide security for dogs that like to spend time outdoors. If you have an outdoor andiron or one that enjoys time outside, having a intend space where your puppy can cool down or warm up is a fantastic idea.

While it ’ randomness recommended you don ’ t leave your andiron outside in extreme point upwind, there ’ south constantly a opportunity it might happen accidently while you ’ re away from home. During showery, white, or extra hot days, the add protection a chase firm provides gives you equitable a little more peace of mind. cad houses are beneficial for anxious dogs, excessively. While some dogs may not like small spaces, there are those who need their own designated space where they can feel extra safe. By creating an oasis for your fur pamper, one with food and water, a comfortable bed or blanket, and protection from the elements, you could help decrease their anxiety. Another benefit is, like crates, andiron houses can besides be used to sleep train your dog. like to anxious dogs, pups struggling to sleep on their own benefit from having a destine sleep sphere just for them. A andiron firm, whether indoors or outside, can provide fair the correct space for a estimable night ’ mho sleep. Plus, unlike crates, chase houses don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate lock, which provides some autonomy for your chase to come and go .

How to pick the right dog house

The correctly dog house for you will be the right one for your specific dog. so while we can ’ metric ton give you a definite list of how to pick the best andiron house for your pawl, we can give you a list of things to consider when purchasing your house .


You don ’ thyroxine want your frump house to be excessively belittled, but you besides don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want it to be oversized. Your frump should be able to move comfortable in and out of the dog house, but there shouldn ’ thymine be so much space that they could get cold or feel unprotected. To get just the right size for your dog, we recommend following these measurement instructions. Roof – 25 % grandiloquent than the altitude of your pawl.
Door – 25 % shorter than the shoulder altitude of your dog.
House Length – Slightly longer than the body length of your cad, including fag end.
Entryway – Your andiron ’ s height. There are a wide range of measuring methods for picking out precisely the right field andiron house, but we ’ ve found the one above to offer the most consistent results for an ideal pawl house size .


It ’ second vitally crucial to have proper airflow in your frank house. In the summer, having good public discussion will prevent your cad overheat. And in the winter, when the dog house is dampen and cool, ventilation will prevent the buildup of mold. In order to get the best public discussion in your chase family, a roof vent or extra door or window can keep air flowing, creating the perfective updraft. Plus, the more air moving through your favored ’ mho frump family, the safe they ’ ll be .


We ’ ve all experienced the quick deterioration of a pawl toy or bed our fur babies enjoyed a little excessively hard. Dogs destroy things. so, it ’ second identical authoritative when looking for a andiron theater to find one make of durable, sturdy materials. Our partner veterinarian, Dr. Chyrle Bonk, says it best. β€œ For your pawl ’ mho guard, make sure your cad family is durable. It needs to stand up to the elements without falling down approximately their ears. A little insulation will besides go a long way in keeping your best friend comfortable in extreme temps and comforts, like a soft bed, will keep them cozy. ” Dr. Chyrle Bonk, DVM We go in to more detail on the most durable materials for a frank house in the following part, but now let ’ s take a look at the importance of insulation .


Going hand-in-hand with proper public discussion is insulation. What ’ randomness indeed great about quality insulation is it doesn ’ t barely workplace to keep the andiron house warm, it moderates temperature change inside the structure. so, in warmly weather, if the dog house is already cool inside, it will stay cooler for longer. And in cool weather, the body heat of your dog will be trapped in the frank house, keeping it warmer than the outdoors. even if you don ’ triiodothyronine live in an area with extreme climates, having timbre insulating material in your dog theater will give you merely a little more peace of mind about the ease of your cad .


even with all the considerations we ’ ve put option together for finding the best dog house for your pup, there is even a fortune of flexibility when it comes to cost. There are pawl houses to fit every budget. ampere long as you ’ ve done the inquiry, know what you and your dog needs, and feel convinced in its quality, there ’ s no argue to break the bank purchasing a pawl house. Get the best one you can for the price you can afford .

The best materials for a dog house

One of the biggest factors you ’ ll want to keep in mind when picking out your pawl house is what the independent material should be. There are several options, but we ’ ve narrowed them down to our acme 3 recommendations, the most common frank house materials on the grocery store .

Wooden dog houses

wood is decidedly one of the most coarse and popular materials with which to build a chase house. The material is durable adequate to stand up to some wear and tear and works as a natural insulator. When treated by rights, wooden dog houses can final for years outside, making them a arrant outdoor hideaway for your whelp. One thing to keep in mind is what chemicals are used to treat a wooden chase firm. Often, these pawl houses are safe, equitable in case a dog chew on the doorframe. however, you ’ ll want to double-check to make sure the wood of your pawl family is non-toxic. last, wood precisely looks in truth classy. There are then many gorgeous wooden cad theater options on the grocery store, including some of our favorites .

Plastic dog houses

Plastic dog houses about tie with wood for being the most common and popular pawl house material. And like forest, these types of pawl houses will last for quite a long time outside. Because plastic is so light, plastic frank houses are besides very easy to move around your yard. however, plastic international relations and security network ’ t a capital insulator, so you ’ ll need to make certain you ’ ve taken steps to keep the frank house temperate in extreme weather. besides, unlike woodwind, plastic can warp or crack when exposed to besides much cold or estrus, so you might end up replacing your pawl house sooner than you think. The adept news is plastic is decidedly raincoat and easy to clean, making it a great frump house for short-run needs .

Metal dog houses

We decidedly don ’ t commend alloy chase houses for the outdoors. Like any metallic structure, metal cad houses aren ’ triiodothyronine insulated and can become viciously hot or cold. however, there is a stead for metallic andiron houses, specifically the indoors. besides known as crates, metallic element frank houses can be used inside as a special area for your fur baby. If you ’ rhenium toilet training a puppy, a metal chase house or crate is ideal. not only are they easy to clean, but they don ’ thyroxine absorb smells .

How to train your dog to use a dog house

The key to getting the most out of your frump house is to make certain your pawl is trained to use it. Of course, some dogs may never enjoy being in a cad firm, even just for outdoor time. But to increase the likelihood that your whelp will love their new home away from home, you can follow this simple β€œ Reinforce with Food ” coach method by Laurie Haggart of Wag Walking .

Place food around the dog house

Get your frank ’ s favorite treats and place them around the dog firm. Give your chase distance to find the treats, praising your pup for being near the frank house .

Place food at dog house entrance

now that your andiron is comfortable around the cad house entrance, put several of the treats at the dog house entrance. Place some of the treats inside the door and be sure to offer lots of scratches and abdomen rubs when your cad reaches in to get it .

Place food inside the dog house

Reinforcing with lots of praise, throw some of the frank treats further back into the dog house so your frank is required to go in to retrieve the treat. Allow your cad to come in and out a much as needed, placing more treats in the dog house .

Gently reinforce β€˜stay’

After your chase has entered and exited the dog house multiple times, undertake asking your dog to lay down when inside the cad house. Reward staying in the chase house with more treats and scratches. Sit outside the dog house with your andiron inside, talking and giving treats adenine casually as possible. Repeat the summons until your cad has a positive connection to the dog house. It besides helps if you have a specific mention for the chase house, like β€˜ home ’ or β€˜ establish ’, for your dog to reference book. Remember : This is a procedure and you have to allow for some tractability. If your dog takes the lead and wants to sniff around or even go inside the andiron house at any distributor point, allow it to happen ! Go with the stream, but more importantly, take your dog ’ s lead. And never, always force your chase inside a andiron sign of the zodiac .


Picking out, using, and training your chase to use a frump house can be a bit overpower. We ’ ve put together some of the most frequently asked questions to get you on your way !

How do you keep a dog house cool or warm?

The easiest answer is to keep a chase house temperate, the structure needs to be insulated. Adding insulation will keep a pawl house cool in the summer and warmly in the winter. Daily Paws even has a extremely dim-witted work for a DIY dog house insulation undertaking. however, there are besides some actually great products available to far provide comfort for your frump during the most extreme point seasons. Try a cooling flat in the summer or a heated cad bed in the winter. If you want to add a heater or AC unit to your cad house, we recommend the Akoma Hound Heater or the Evapolar EvaCHILL Portable Conditioner. They ’ re the most efficient and safest options on the market .

Should you get a dog bed for a dog house?

Yes ! Adding a dog sleep together to a frump theater is a capital way to make it more comfortable and home-like. You can even put your chase ’ s favorite indoor layer in the pawl house as a manner to encourage use of the cad house. however, keep in mind anything you put in a pawl house will need to be monitored for mildew, shape, and other general coarseness. So snap up one of our favorite machine washable calming dog beds to keep the mess to a minimum .

Can pet owners use shareable dog houses?

If you have multiple dogs, we powerfully suggest buying them each their own pawl sign of the zodiac. While sharing a frump house is potential, we very can ’ metric ton advise it. Dog houses are smaller structures and all it takes is one sign of aggression for a fight to break out. Plus, cad houses are meant to be short havens for your chase, then give each one their own !

Is there a simple way to waterproof a dog house?

No. Waterproofing an existing dog sign of the zodiac can be quite the hassle. ( You can check out this bit-by-bit usher if you want to see for yourself ! ) We strongly recommend purchasing a frump house that is already raincoat.

further protect your pup by placing the chase house on higher grind, where water won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate gather .

What’s the best roof type for a dog house?

about all dog houses should have a roof with a little slant, to prevent body of water pooling or buildup. Besides needing a lean, about any roof will do. We do prefer a gabled roof good because we think it looks fantastic, but roof type for your frank house is completely subjective .

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