Anatolian Shepherd vs German Shepherd – Breed Comparison

anatolian shepherd Up in the mountains of cardinal Turkey, in the region called Anatolia, a large, solid and rugged dog breed was born and is honored today on a postal stamp. This was the anatolian Shepard – keeper of the flocks with intensity, agility and accelerate. The anatolian Shepard is able to pursue and catch any predator that threatens his livestock and they are his livestock. His keen sense of hearing and his excellent sight only add to his art as a defender .
The Anatolian is a giant frump, classified as a shepherd by the UKC – Kennel Club of the United Kingdom, while he is classified as a batch cad or molossus by the Federation Cynologique International. When the breed was created, they were a giving to the farmers in the mountains to guard the livestock from cheetah. This helped the cheetah to stop attacking the livestock and prevented the farmers from wiping out the cheetah population by shooting them .
The anatolian Shepard does have some controversy in his linage as in some areas he is considered to be either the most closely related or the same breed as the turkish Kangal Dog. The Anatolian is considered to have a lineage line that goes binding at least 6000 years.

They are lead descendants of mastiffs and mountain dogs. Yet they have the retentive leg, agility and distance of the sight hounds that are besides in their lineage. in the first place called the “ Coban Kopegi ” or shepherd pawl by their turkish farmers, they were finally separated into the breed called the Anatolian Shepard. When the breed was first brought into the United Kingdom the occupation of the Kangal dog was beginning. then they were crossed with dogs called anatolian Shepherds. many breeders believe that the anatolian Shepherd is a category that includes the Kangal, Coban Kopegi, Aksaray Malaklisi and the Akbash chase.

sol as of January 2012, the australian National Kennel Club no longer considers the anatolian Shepard and the Kangal as divide breeds. The UK Kennel Club immediately recognizes the Kangal and the Anatolian as the lapp breed. For others they are still clearly separate and distinct breeds with the ASD being their own engender. In fact, the government of Turkey recognizes them as classify breeds and the Kangal Dog as the National Dog of Turkey .
The anatolian Shepard was already in the United States in when the Anatolian Shepard Club of America came into being because of a young naval officeholder who had met the dogs in Turkey. They were allowed into the assorted class of the american Kennel Club in 1996 after this naval officer had been breeding them in California for years. By 1998 they had moved to the Working Group where they reside today .

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