Why Is My Staffy Shedding So Much? 9 Things To Know

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I got my Staffy about 11 years ago, and over the years I have learned a short ton. Going into getting a Staffy I thought I had it all figured out, but sometimes the unexpected hits you. When she was just a puppy she began shedding a lot, and I knew this wasn ’ metric ton normal, therefore I set out to find out why.

Why is my Staffy shedding so much? There are several reasons why a Staffy is shedding more than normal. Some shedding is to be expected, but excessive shedding could be a result of:

  • Allergies
  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Improper Nutrition 
  • Hormones
  • Skin Trauma
  • Skin Condition
  • Parasites
  • Pregnancy
  • Underlying Health Issues

After several days of research and a trip to the vet I was able to determine why my Staffy was shedding so much. In our case it was a combination of allergies, a skin condition, parasites, and some added stress. It was a rough workweek for us both. I was able to treat my Staffy cursorily and efficaciously, and proactively study towards avoiding this from happening again in the future. In this post I will go over the respective reasons why your Staffy is shedding therefore much, equally well as some tips on how to prevent excessive shedding in the future .

Why Is My Staffy Shedding So Much?

Shedding is a natural march that all dogs ( except hairless ones ) go through. Some dogs shed more than others, but you should expect your Staffy to shed throughout the year. When it becomes a concern is when your Staffy is shedding a fortune. Bald spots, boastfully clumps of hair, and excessive spill can all be signs of some of the follow problems .


Allergies can trigger a Staffy to shed a lot. I have had first hand know with this problem. My Staffy has food allergies and when first detected she was shedding a fortune and began developing bald spots on her feet, belly and sides. Allergies to food, shampoo, family cleaners, and environmental factors like dust and pollen can trigger a reaction. This will cause your Staffy to scratch, chew, and rub their skin because of the discomfort and create hairloss. consult with a veterinarian about elimination diets if you suspect a food allergy. Avoid using harsh family cleaners, use a hypoallergenic shampoo, and rule out environmental allergies. Once you are able to narrow down what your Staffy is reacting to, the preferably you can treat it and stop the hair loss from happening .

Stress & Anxiety

stress and anxiety can cause a Staffy to shed more than usual. My Staffy used to be absolutely terrified of the bathtub and would shed an enormous measure of hair during the march. even after bath prison term I would need to give her a good brush to remove the loose hair. never underestimate the baron of stress on your chase ’ mho consistency. A sudden change in environment, a traumatic know or trigger, a loss of a love one, can all create tension in your Staffy ’ s life. supplement can be used to calm stress and anxious dogs. natural supplements like CBD oils can be a great option, angstrom well as other well available supplements. Pet Honestly has a great line of natural supplements that can aid with calming a stress Staffy .

Improper Nutrition 

A well balanced diet can make all the dispute in your Staffy ’ second peel and coat health. Giving your Staffy a premium quality frank food rich in vitamins, minerals, essential fatso acids, and high timbre protein will keep their coats felicitous and healthy. extra supplementation of Omega fatso acids, like a Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil is something I swear by with my Staffy and American Bully. This extra Omega supplement promotes goodly skin and coats, equally well as the extra benefits of joint, heart, and immune system health. Water intake may besides lead to a Staffy shedding a lot more than common. Dehydrated skin can be why you Staffy is losing hair. Monitor the sum of water your Staffy is drinking. If they are not getting enough water throughout the day this can lead to excessive spill .


A hormonal asymmetry can lead to excessive shedding in your Staffy. Conditions like hypothyroidism will cause excessive shed, angstrom well as weight acquire in your dog. Watch for these signs and confer with your veteran for a proper diagnosis. The over or under production of testosterone, estrogen or progesterone can besides lead to excessive shed in some dogs. This frequently occurs with dogs that have recently been spayed or neutered at an older long time .

Skin Trauma

Skin injury will cause a Staffy to shed excessively and in some cases form bald spots. allergic reactions can trigger hide irritations that lead to heavy cancel, chewing and gnawing that will traumatize the bark and create hair loss. sunburn can besides cause peel injury in your Staffy leading to hair passing. Dogs can burn in the sunlight good like us humans. Staffies are specially prone to sunburn because of their inadequate coats. Monitor the time your Staffy spends in the sun. Provide enough of shade and don ’ metric ton keep them out long during bill hours .

Skin Conditions

Bacteria and fungal infections can create hair loss and excessive desquamation in Staffies. Open wounds that become infect, or the build up of yeast can create loss, sensitive, and irritate hide on your Staffy. These types of infections can be caused from a assortment of factors. Everything from gamey humidity, to allergic reactions causing strike, to congenital and hormonal factors. consult with your vet if you notice any signs of infection.


One of the independent causes of my Staffy puppy getting bald spots when she was very unseasoned was demodex mange. small skin mites that are found on all dogs, but when over infested campaign some dangerous hide issues and hair loss. Mites, fleas, ticks and other parasites can lead to excessive shed and haircloth loss with your Staffy. Whether they have an allergic chemical reaction to a pungency, or the skin becomes irritated leading to scratching. Get regular flea and tick treatments for your dog, and consult your veterinarian if you notice excessive strike or bumps from sting marks .


pregnancy can lead to excessive shedding due to a depletion in calcium and minerals. Along with the hormonal imbalances that may occur during pregnancy and lactation. If you Staffy has recently been fraught, is pregnant, or is nursing, this could be a major argue why they are shedding then much .

Underlying Health Issues

Underlying health issues can be a cause of hair’s-breadth loss and shedding in your Staffy. Conditions such as cranky Bowel Syndrome, Cushing ’ s disease, and Thyroid disease can all lead to skin conditions causing hair loss. Always consult with your vet if your Staffy is showing symptoms of any underlie health issues, including excessive spill. Treatment and health management of your Staffy can be better assessed by a professional .

How To Stop Your Staffy From Shedding A Lot

Despite having a short coat your Staffy will distillery shed throughout the year. My Staffy tends to shed a little spot more when the warm weather rolls about. This requires some extra maintenance, but as a wholly a Staffy shouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate shed excessive amounts of hair. To prevent excessive shedding with your Staffy there are a few significant tips to keep in mind. Excluding possible health conditions these are the things you can do to stop your Staffy from shedding a batch .

Regular Brushing

Brushing your Staffy one or twice a workweek will keep the loose hair off your floors and furniture and keep their coats clean and healthy. digression from removing any loose haircloth you will besides redistribute some of the natural oils in their coat which keeps them bright, and skin healthy. I use the King Komb on my Staffy and it is a fantastic cad grooming brush. See my video below for the wax follow-up.

Nutritious Diet

A high timbre diet rich in vitamins, minerals, essential fatso acids, and gamey quality proteins is not only good for your Staffy ’ s overall health, but great for their skin and coats. Providing a alimentary diet will promote potent hair’s-breadth follicles, goodly skin, and less shedding .


add supplement in your Staffy ’ s diet to promote skin and coating health is recommended. even the highest quality cad foods will lack some of the essential fatso acids. I give my frump Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil each and casual to give them that added Omega 3 their skin and coats love .

Keep Them Hydrated

hydration is very crucial in keeping your chase ’ sulfur skin moisturized and goodly. Make certain they have plenty of houseclean water at all times and watch for any changes in urine inhalation. dehydration can cause excessive shed and a Staffy not drinking could be a symptom of other health problems. Monitor their water inhalation .

Regular Bathing

A regular bathe act for your Staffy will keep them clean, and their skin and coats healthy. You don ’ thyroxine want to overbath them as this can dry out and irritate their skin, so I recommend a bathe every 2-3 months. Make sure you are using a ennoble, oatmeal based, hypoallergenic pawl shampoo on your Staffy. These types of shampoo are specifically formulated for your dogs PH levels and leave their hide moisturized, clean, and smelling bang-up. I use Wahl Dry Skin & Itch Relief Pet Shampoo for Dogs – Oatmeal Formula on both my dogs and I love it. Smells perplex, bang-up for their peel, and leaves their coats goodly and glistening.

Tick & Flea Medications

regular click and flea medications should be something you keep in your calendar. Giving your Staffy annual or season treatments for fleas and ticks will keep those cruddy critters away, and your pawl glad. consult with your vet on a regular schedule of treatments.

Regular Vet Visits

Keep your pawl ’ s health a top priority and visit your vet regularly. even check ups will ensure your Staffy is staying healthy and can continue to stay healthy for years to come. I always jot down questions to ask my vet when we are approaching our travel to to get vitamin a much information as I can, and to provide them with any potential symptoms of health issues .

Final Thoughts

In all my years of being a Staffy owner I have had to piece together many things. Finding the causes of my Staffy ’ s excessive desquamation in her early years was both frustrating and expensive. Countless vet visits and many hours of inquiry before the internet was as robust with data as it is today. With this position I hope I am able to save you both time and money in finding why your Staffy is shedding so much. Following some of the tips mentioned above has given my Staffy years of healthy coat and peel. Despite her allergies we have managed to provide her with a very glad and comfortable life free of excessive spill .

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