Are American Staffordshire Terrier/Lab Mixes Good Pets?

Shawn is a Wisconsin-based writer with over 30 years of being a pet parent .Read about one family's experience with an American Staffordshire Terrier/Chocolate Labrador Retriever mix, and decide if this great dog is a good fit for you. Read about one syndicate ‘s experience with an american Staffordshire Terrier/Chocolate Labrador Retriever shuffle, and decide if this great dog is a good fit for you. dogrando, CC BY-SA 2.0, from flickr

Meet the AmStaff/Chocolate Lab Mix

If you ’ re thinking about getting an american Staffordshire Terrier ( AmStaff ) mix, I think an AmStaff/Chocolate Labrador Retriever desegregate is one of the best choices. That said, there are several aspects of this interracial breed that you must understand before owning one, and if you don ’ t do your research, you could end up with a bad match. This article provides a complete description of our AmStaff/Chocolate Lab blend frank, Dakota, whom we have owned for many years .Dakota at around 12 weeks old. dakota at around 12 weeks previous. Yeagerinvestments

The Day We Brought Dakota Home

About two years ago, on a warm, cheery spring Saturday, my wife and I decided to stop by the local pet shop class because we were thinking of getting a fish or a shuttlecock. We arrived at the shop class, and—behold—a local breeder had respective puppies for sale. My wife and I had discussed buying a chase, but we always ended with the like decision : We didn ’ thymine want the harass of caring for one right now. regardless, my wife migrated over to the puppies and finally stepped inside the little wire-fenced circumference to play with them. She called me over to look at them with her .

Our New Puppy

As I approached, I saw five little puppies running about, biting each other, peeing on the floor, and just having a great fourth dimension. I didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate think much of it at first, but as we both stayed and played with the puppies, we began to ask the breeder questions about caring for one, the price to buy one, what breed they were, and so on. I didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate pay much attention or take our questions seriously at first, since they were asked more out of curio, but as we continued to play with the puppies and ask questions, our curiosity grew to commitment. Two hours late, we walked out of the positron emission tomography shop class with a brand raw puppy, a crate, chase food, a collar, a collar, a few screaky toys, and $ 500 less in our bank account. There we were with our first real dog as a marry couple. We had only been married for about two years at that point. We found out that our puppy, Dakota, was a mix of a Chocolate Labrador Retriever and an american english Staffordshire Terrier, and we had no idea what we were in for !Here is an example of a typical AmStaff (left) and a typical Chocolate Lab (right). Dakota is a cross between these two breeds. here is an model of a typical AmStaff ( left ) and a distinctive Chocolate Lab ( right ). Dakota is a hybridization between these two breeds. Mark Hillary, CC-BY 2.0 from flickr ; Ben Collins, CC-BY 2.0 from flickr

More About This Mixed Breed


Dakota has the consistency of a Chocolate Labrador and a promontory like an AmStaff. He is about 80 pounds and has a brawny build up. From a distance, he looks like he could be a ferocious guard frump, but in reality, he ’ randomness scared of his own shadow .

Class, Characteristics, and Temperament

As we learned how to care for this little ridicule, I learned that his breed falls into the classify of bully breeds, which are associated with Boxers, Pit Bulls, and Bulldogs. These breeds traditionally have a bad repute ; however, they are very firm and loving dogs. I besides learned that, since he is half-Labrador, he has high energy and needs exert. This mix engender has given us an energetic, patriotic, loving chase. Dakota was a shy puppy for about the first day, and then all hell broke unaffixed and his little personality started to show .

  • The AmStaff side of him comes out when I wrestle with him, as he is solid muscle and loves to play rough. We taught him a command of “enough” for when he becomes too rough.
  • The Lab side of him comes out every day when he wants to spend all day outside running around. I take him on long runs with me; otherwise, he can become bored and destructive.
  • He’s not a very good watchdog because he rarely barks; this is a trait of the AmStaff. He also would probably invite a burglar inside and give them a full tour of our home.

A Great Family Dog

AmStaff/Labs are bang-up family dogs ; Dakota loves other dogs and people. When our son was 10 months old, he would crawl on Dakota, pull his ears, poke his head, and pull his tail, and all Dakota would do was either get up and move or look at me as if pleading with me to step in and save him. At night when Dakota is tired, he ’ ll curl improving properly on clear of my feet and fall asleep until I go to layer. We taught him to stay off the furniture and our bed after he had slept with us for awhile ; having an 80-pound, solid-muscle andiron on your bed does tend to make sleeping at night challenge .Dakota decides to hang out on the toilet.Dakota decides to hang out on the toilet.Dakota waiting for a bath.Dakota caught red-handed eating a tape measure!

Dakota decides to hang out on the toilet.

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Training and Discipline

This type of blend breed needs lots of teaching as a puppy ; without prepare, the AmStaff side will attempt to take control as the compact leader, which is bad. We signed Dakota up for some puppy classes for him to learn basic commands and proper aim techniques .

Early Training Is Essential

Teaching Dakota commands from an early on senesce has saved us headaches, and it makes others feel at ease around him because we have control. Plus, the Lab slope of him loves genial effort ; it truly stimulates him and wears him down much quicker than regular drill. In fact, I can spend 15 minutes a day stimulating his mind with commands and train, and it will equate to about an hour of physical drill before he starts to get tire !

Swift, Non-Threatening Discipline

discipline with AmStaff/Labs must be carried out swiftly and in a non-threatening manner. Dakota has growled at me doubly, and both times were because he had another frank ’ s toy dog in his mouth and wanted to play. He was disciplined right away then there was no interview in his take care about what he did improper. This is done by placing him in his crate for a few minutes and telling him a stern “ uh-uh ” rather of “ no, ” since that word becomes like white randomness to dogs .Typical terrier—he refuses to look at the camera. typical terrier—he refuses to look at the camera. Yeagerinvestments

Is This Dog Right for You?

I strongly believe that the American Staffordshire Terrier mix with the Chocolate Labrador Retriever provides a all-around type of frump. however, they are not for everyone, and if you ‘re not active outdoors, then I would suggest another breed. The Lab english loves being outdoors, and the AmStaff side loves a dear roughhouse every now and then. If that sounds like a beneficial match for you and your family, then the adjacent prison term you are looking for a big, energetic, loving, patriotic, intelligent dog, make surely you check out the AmStaff/Chocolate Lab shuffle. © 2012 Shawn Yeager Iryna Komazova on November 25, 2016 : very useful article ! Thank you ! We besides have a batch of big Staffy pics and interest information in accession to senior high school choice Staffy equipment. Welcome to visit our web site jerseyhulagirl on January 03, 2013 : Thank you for the great information ! My family fair adopted a 5+ calendar month previous AmStaff-mix today from our local animal shelter. not certain what the mix is so far, but I ‘m hoping that our vet can help us out. We had a rhodesian Ridgeback for over 9 years until kidney disease forced us to put her polish. She was a very energetic, loyal, intelligent, protective dog … and we are looking forward to having a big relationship with our AmStaff ! Shawn Yeager (author) from Wisconsin on July 19, 2012 : Thank you for your comments and for reading my article ! Vespa Woolf from Peru, South America on July 17, 2012 : We owned a Staffie named Molly and she was everything you mention : loyal, energetic and lovable. They are dominant dogs, though, so train is a must. The photograph of Dakota are adorable ! Thanks for a great review on this assorted breed chase. Linda from Texas on July 09, 2012 : I excessively have a staffordshire/ pitbull female child. They are the most firm dogs always, loving and protective. Please check out my report, its called Silly Pets. Howard Young from California on July 03, 2012 :

“ now if I could only figure out how to lift the lid ” … Sheila from Surprise Arizona – once resided in Washington State on July 03, 2012 : Oh my good – I love this hub ! My most favored and patriotic chase ever was Keze, a female Am/Staff black lab mix. She was indeed energetic until she turned 2 years previous then she mellowed down and was an amazing family darling. I miss her so much. Thank you for the capital memories .

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