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Jeep Pitbull Bloodline The Jeep Pitbull lineage was begun by the frank Crenshaw ’ randomness Jeep, a male black-nosed buckskin APBT bred by James Crenshaw in 1976. Crenshaw ’ s Jeep was thought of credibly the greatest prevent dogs of his time and produced numerous champion dogs .

Jeep Pitbull Bloodline profile

In order to be thought of as a real breed pedigree, the dog should have traits that are distinguishable from a dog with a special pedigree lineage. not every frump breeder ’ second kennel will probably be a lineage, particularly without correct status and example of finely high-quality canine.

Jeep was credibly the greatest canine and one of many top ROM ( Register Of Merit ) dogs up to now 20 years. He was born in August 1976 within the palms of James Crenshaw .
He was part of the well-known litter of Finley ’ s Ch. Bo ROM bred to Crenshaw ’ s Ch. Honeybunch ROM, which produced 4 champions .

physical appearance

The Jeep pedigree has many distinct bodily options, resembling :

Eyes : They have deep-set eyes that are relatively smaller than different bloodlines. As for his or her head, it ’ south around two-thirds the width of their shoulders

Shoulder and Ribcage : The shoulders of the Jeep lineage are mesomorphic and are additionally wider than the ribcage. The deep and elliptic ribcage is a definite function of this lineage that enhances the small and representation forearms of the andiron

Hips : The hips are set humble and are formed long and sloping which fits the well-built human body of this pedigree. A well-toned, flat, and muscled back enhances the stallion expression of this breed

Tail : The tail is long and ends simply above the rhine wine ; it ’ south additionally very stiff and holds down as a pump deals with. The femur is brief turn 1/three of the back leg

Coat : The Jeep pedigree hasn ’ thymine bought a in truth glazed coat that you could be fall in love with, however, it has a beneficial short-haired coat that has a bristled gloss

Jeep Pitbull Bloodline Description

The Pit Bull immediately strikes one as being a chase of energy, ardor, and dateless willingness. The brick-like head, which is particularly broad between the cheek ( to deal with the highly effective call on the carpet ), is carried upon a thickly muscled, chiseled neck .
The neck runs correct into a deep, thick, well-sprung chest. The Jeep Pitbull pedigree is a actually brawny, compact, but agile pawl that ’ s inordinately robust for his size. The fag end tapers to some extent .
The ears are normally cropped, although that is elective. Docked tail aren ’ thyroxine accepted by the UKC or the ADBA. The eyes are round. Both the ADBA and the UKC don ’ triiodothyronine ensconce for blue eyes or the coat shade blackbird .
The american Pitbull Registry does settle for a blackbird coat. The enamel ought to kindle a scissors chew. Its coating is made up of thick, abbreviated, bright hair’s-breadth. All colors are admissible .
Shades of brown to red with an identical red/brown nostril are known as red-nose Pit Bulls. Shades of grey with an identical grey nostril are known as blue-nose Pit Bulls .

Jeep Pitbull Bloodline Temperament

The Jeep Pitbull lineage has a potent want to please. The Jeep Pitbull lineage has evoked more homo emotional, rational, and irrational number responses than some other breed that exists at award .
By no means are these canine people-haters or people-eaters. Their natural aggressive tendencies are towards different dogs and animals, not people .
however, if they ’ re correctly socialized with a firm, however calm, assured, constant tamp down foreman, they won ’ t even be aggressive with them .
The Jeep Pitbull pedigree is a good-natured, amuse, inordinately loyal, and affectionate kin positron emission tomography that ’ mho good with youngsters and adults. about at all times obedient, it ’ sulfur at all times wanting to please its appreciation .
It is a particularly audacious and clever defend cad that may be very gorge with energy. Highly protecting his house owners and the owner ’ sulfur property, it would struggle an foe to the death .
It is much very pleasant, however has an eldritch capacity to know when it wants to guard and when all the things are okay. The Jeep Pitbull pedigree will be willful with meek house owners and desires a firm pass .
They are normally approve with different pets if they ’ re raised with them from puppyhood. Jeep Pitbull bloodlines are very pleasant, however not actually useful for many people, as a solution, most people don ’ t perceive methods to correctly promote and deal with a frank .
Problems come up when one doesn ’ triiodothyronine perceive natural cad demeanor, seeing the andiron as having human feelings, and finally ends up with a frump who thinks he ’ s the bos of the home .
For a smaller, not as highly effective dog, people can typically get away with this, however, for a potent breed, one actually wants to know and observe this mind of protecting a chase .
excellent with youngsters within the family, they have a high ache tolerance and can, fortunately, put up with baffling small one play .
As with any breed, they shouldn ’ t be left alone with unfamiliar youngsters. Used as all-around working grow dogs, they have been known as “ the poor man ’ s horse. ”
Jeep Pitbull Bloodline

by and by they have been used as preventing canine ; the highly effective Jeep Pitbull pedigree might go for the throat of strange dogs .
A minimal of coach, in concert with the right quantity of educate and a firm tamp down head, will produce a calm, obedient cad. Socialize very completely when younger to fight aggressive tendencies and make sure you preserve the chase below control when unlike dogs are present .
Teach this chase esteem for people by not permitting it to leap up and never permitting it to enter doorways first. The people should make the pawl heel beside or behind them when strolling .
It has given excellent outcomes as a defender of property, however is at a alike time esteemed as a company chase. The objective in coaching this frank is to realize compact head stand .
It is a natural intuition for a chase to have an order in its pack. When we people dwell with dogs, we turn out to be their pack .
The dispatch pack cooperates beneath a single headman ; strains are clearly outlined and guidelines are set. You and all different people MUST be higher up within the order than the andiron .
That is the one manner your relationship generally is a success. When correctly educated and socialized, it is an excellent dog and a big family company. unfortunately, some select to advertise the prevent intuition within the breed, giving it a foul name .

Height, weight

acme : 14 – 24 inches ( 35 – 60 curium )

Weight : 22 – 78 pounds ( 10 – 35 kilogram )

The Jeep Pitbull pedigree is both highly effective and agile. actual weight and top are much less necessary than the right symmetry of weight to stature .
A quite common false impression is that APBTs are muscle-bound hulks that weigh in around 85 kilogram ( 39 kilogram ) or more and that is normally not the bulk .
Most of the APBT which is that giant has been crossed with different breeds and are being referred to as american Bullies. The common public normally will get Jeep Pitbull lineage blended up with the american Pitbull Terriers

Health Problems

A normally wholesome breed, though some are susceptible to hip dysplasia, familial cataracts, allergy symptoms to grass, and congenital coronary heart illness .

Living Conditions

Pits will do okay in an apartment if they ’ re sufficiently exercised. They are identical bouncy indoors and can do okay without a cubic yard offered they get sufficient train. Prefers heat climates .


Jeep Pitbull lineage should have loads of common trains and indigence to be taken on a hanker day by day walks .

Life Expectancy

About 12 years .

Litter Size

average of 5 – 10 puppies


The cleanse, shorthaired coat is straightforward to groom. Brush often with a firm bristle brush, and bathe or dry shampoo as necessity. A rub with a chunk of toweling or chamois will make the coat gleam. This breed is a medial shedder .

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