Are Pit Bulls Good With Cats?

Chris is a gallant pit-bull-parent whose cat loves its canine companion about ampere much as he does .

Do Pit Bulls and Cats Get Along?

I realize that to some people, discussion of an american Pit Bull Terrier palling around with a kitten might seem improbable. These breeds are much stereotyped as killers. many believe they are prone to display aggression toward cats, other dogs, and even humans. These stereotypes are by and large baseless, however, and often shank from fear and mistake. In fact, pit bulls and cats can get along quite well. I speak from personal have when I say that, in the hands of a creditworthy owner, these dogs can get along barely ticket with other animals—especially cats .

What to Consider Before Introducing a Pit Bull and a Cat

historically, these american Terriers have been bred for bang-up disposition, intensity, agility, and intelligence. That being said, they are known to be protective of their owners. You need to be responsible to own one, as they require a lot of attention and coach.

These dogs are besides known for their high energy levels. They can be boisterous, but can besides be surprisingly ennoble indeed long as proper boundaries are set and enforced. Your common sense might tell you that a mid-sized, high-energy animal might be excessively much for your cat or cats to handle, but this normally is not the case. Whether you are introducing a puppy or an adult dog into a house with cats or vice versa, you will need to be consistent in enforcing hard-and-fast boundaries with the stone taurus. The good newsworthiness is that these dogs precisely want to please their owners and are more than felicitous to operate within the boundaries that you give them .

Pit Bulls and Cats Can Coexist Happily

Raising scar bulls and cats together is no adult share if you are a responsible andiron owner to begin with. Having grown up in a few little country towns, I ‘ve owned many democratic breeds of dogs and cats simultaneously. I have never been more impress by a character of dog and its ability to coexist with its feline companions than I have been with the american Pit Bull Terrier. In my opinion, these dogs are all about pleasing their owners. A balance colliery bull will be more than able of getting along with your cats, and not good for your sake. once allow boundaries have been established, most learn to truly enjoy the party of your feline class members. Give America ‘s first native frump breed a luck before you rule them out as a newly penis of your cat-friendly family .Sharky, a well-known A.P.B.T. from Youtube, with family friendsSharky, a well-known A.P.B.T. from Youtube, with family friendsA beautiful brown pit bull and its cat companionA cat and a pit bull resting togetherA kitten and a pit bull enjoying a napA pit bull wearing a sleepy kitten as a hat

Sharky, a long-familiar A.P.B.T. from Youtube, with family friends

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I realize that any discussion about these breeds can be controversial, because of the way the American Pit Bull Terrier ( A.P.B.T. ) has been painted by the media. I challenge you to do some research on your own ahead forming opinions, however. If you know person who owns a one, talk to them about their experience with the breeds .

Pit Bulls: Bad Breeds or Bad Reputation?

Are pit bulls bad ? Some might say asking this question equates to asking whether there is a “ bad race. ” There is no such thing as a “ bad breed. ” In my impression, the breeds have earned their less-than-favorable reputation because of the follow factors .

Why Pit Bulls Have a Bad Rap

  • Irresponsible owners fail to properly train and socialize their pets.
  • Some individuals purposefully obtain them for their size and fierce reputation then train them to act violently. This is dangerous and should not be condoned.
  • Pit bull attacks attract an undue amount of media attention, while attacks by other breeds are rarely covered in the news.

All dogs are different. Some are human-aggressive so far animal-friendly. Some are friendly to cats but aggressive toward other dogs. Others are friendly to precisely about everyone. disposition varies more from dog to dog than from breed to breed. Dogs ‘ temperaments are arsenic divers as those of their homo counterparts .

No dogs should be aggressive toward their own family. such aggression is normally a sign of psychological problems with the animal and should be handled responsibly .

Like other domesticate dogs, these breeds enjoy people and are capable of forming very close bonds to their handlers or syndicate. When they are given proper worry and attention from their owners, they are loving and loyal. These dogs are besides highly healthy, which makes training them a breeze. The old pronounce, “ You ca n’t teach an honest-to-god cad new tricks ” does n’t apply here. They are capable of learning fresh commands at any old age arsenic long as they received basic prepare and socialization as puppies. They are even capable of unlearning bad habits taught to them by their owners ( for example, jumping up on people, licking, or begging for food ) .A cat using a pit bull as a pillowA cat using a pit bull as a pillowTwo pit bulls and a cat sharing a couch

A big cat using a scar bull as a pillow

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Common sense on September 07, 2020 : Hi Chris, I see you represent yourself something of a journalist. Do you just post propaganda, or do you actually report on useful information ? PIT BULLS kill more cats than ANY OTHER BREED every year. That includes digress cats, house cats, positron emission tomography cats in homes that pit bulls break into, cats that they share shelters with, the list goes on and on. Do n’t believe me ? final year two colliery bulls killed TWENTY NINE cats at a shelter. TWENTY NINE. There are dozens of stories in the news program about pit bulls breaking down doors to people ‘s homes and killing the cats inside, and thousands more where these dogs kill pets they share a home with. Your report is a take down, and this is rank data. All of the knuckleheads who choose to believe it are putting helpless animals in harm way. shame on you for your misinformation. Anyone who wants a real source should look up stats on pit bull attacks and determine for y ; ourself if you want one of these dogs sharing a home with your guy, which it can kill at a here and now ‘s notice ( and credibly will ). Rhonda M Runkles on July 29, 2020 : My bang-up and at are best friends ALLISON SHULSON on July 22, 2020 : Have 2 dogs a chihuahua and a feel for and 2 cats they all get along wonderfully. The chihuahua is the dominant one. never worried about them when we go somewhere Dorothy on July 14, 2020 : My Pitbull loves our cat ! The guy plays with him aggressively, and he just allows her to do what she wants. He ‘s never tried to hurt her. John Russell Baxley on July 13, 2020 : Hey Cathy, If you have never owned a Pitbull you do n’t have an opinion, because you have no real number cognition of the breed. Jean on June 24, 2020 : My pitbull loves my cats but my older cat dont like him hes afraid ot the older cat Cathy on June 24, 2020 : American Pit Bull Terrier Is identical dangerous it ’ randomness not good with other dogs & cats & people & childrens besides. Mary m on June 21, 2020 : I have pits and 2 are dear with cats but the third gear one is estimable with my cat but will try and attack a cat outside. Michelle M on June 18, 2020 : I adopted a 4 week old orphaned kitten in 2018. not only did my pitbull adore him but I ended up with a kitty that thought he was a mini pibble. He would follow us to the andiron parking lot where we live and play with his big “ brother ”. Sue Mckenny on June 13, 2020 : We have 5 chase ‘s, 2 pitbulls 5 caterpillar ‘s not only do they get along, they sleep together. Karen on May 30, 2020 : I have had 2 Pitts and 2 cats they are friends and actually play together. Lynn on May 29, 2020 : I have a 3 year old chocolate hell named Riley & like some cats & kittens & he loves them all Jimmy on May 21, 2020 : I have a 75lbs Pit and two cats.. he ’ second great with them. even with cats outside when we go for a walk.. he constantly gets excited to meet them. He won ’ triiodothyronine harm them at all ! Stop with all the electronegativity about them ! They ’ rhenium good dogs, time period. It ’ s all depends on the owner ! Rachel on May 13, 2020 : We have a 4 year old rescue frump from the pound who loves his sister pot. We know about nothing about his background, and he was 2 when we adopted him. We did a deoxyribonucleic acid examination and he is 55 % american Pitbull Terrier. He adores cats, but normally gives excessively much beloved for their like. We knew we had to get him a brother or sister pool, but had to find one that could handle all of his sleep together. We found a protection kitty who has 3 months old and she was fair as curious of him. She is nowadays 10 months erstwhile and they love each other ! He would never hurt her, he has accepted her as family, and wants to protect her. They had some figuring out to do at first. He thought her purr was growling at first and he would run away from his 5lb sister. now they ‘ll chase each other and act, but largely she attacks him. Jumps out and scares him, or jumps and attacks his confront ( no claw of course ) and he equitable wags his chase or ignores her. Wilma on May 09, 2020 : I have a 10 pound vomit that terrorizes my 60 pound orchestra pit but she loves her kitty. Amber on November 25, 2019 : We have had our Pittie for 2 years and barely recently found a kitten with break legs and rescued it. The kitten is only two months old. Our pittie has been on the grow around chickens, ducks, goats, lamb, horses, cows … the tilt goes on. Never has had any problems with them. BUT when we introduced the kitty in the pool kennel our pittie licks his chops like its a nosh ! Any tips on getting them aquatinted ? Our pittie is well educate and we have been doing short, control interactions. Our big dane and the kitten are best friends already. I know things take prison term, but I would appreciate tips ! Thanks ! Jhenson87 on June 16, 2019 : Hi everyone I ’ molarity Justin fresh to all of this but I need your aid for the past year and a half we have had our kat Jack and 2 dogs lily pit papi pit/bull frump living together with us which are my children they play together rest together all good right well yesterday I let the dogs outside in their andiron run which is correct off the front porch fairly big area to run and play and jack the guy go outside in their area through a slice in the screen next thing I here is jackfruit high peddle meowing so I look and lily the pit had him by the neck just outside the window it was severe she did not want to let jacklight go until I used force/power over her. Papi the pit/bull was just barking But not Involve. now lily is going into hotness which has happend in the past with no problems and yes she will be fixed as soon a the cycle is done but I have no mind why ! ! ! ! ? all this meter they are brothers and sister they are my pride and joy my kids which I love very much and this Happens. Jack is alive and resting at base in his own room right now after I rushed him to the veteran emergency he does have a medium recovery to go through break call on the carpet and such. With that being said If you have any ideas or question please ask or let me know what you think. I very don ’ metric ton want to have to give up my children or peck which stays or goes. Kristine N on January 28, 2019 : I besides want to add that you should never, ever leave a cat-o’-nine-tails alone/ unsupervised with a chase, no matter the breed. This is pet ownership 101. What a frank perceives as act can easily cause injury or even kill a vomit. When we first got our pitt, she was only allowed around the cats if she was leashed ( we bought a three extension that could go around our waists ). Once we were comfortable ( after about 3 weeks ), we allowed her off but only when an adult was present in the house. nowadays, we keep the animals separated while we ‘re at function and then let them loose once we get home. We installed a tall baby gate ( Amazon ) so the cats and dog can smell and have limited contact with each other during the day, but are n’t in full in each other ‘s space. You have to be very timid about having a mixed-species family. Manage your expectations ; The best encase scenario you should hope for is that your dog ( s ) and vomit ( s ) ignore each other. – My information comes from years spent as a veterinary technician/behavior adjunct and from my emboss, a DVM for 30+ years. Kristine N on January 28, 2019 : Former vet technical school here. repeat after me : there is NO such thing as an aggression “ gene ”. Anyone who asserts that a breed is predisposed to fighting/aggression, etc. is ignorant and uneducated. My early boss, Dr. B, a veterinarian for 30 years, has spent countless hours in exempt clinics and at shelters to show people that fools like “ Colin ” have no estimate what they ‘re talking about and all frump breeds can be aggressive given the right circumstances. Pitbulls command competent, responsible and experience owners who are familiar with the breed. Pitties are high-energy and require regular drill and socialization with both humans and early dogs. thus yea, if you chain your Pit up in your backyard and do n’t interact with him, he may develop some aggressive tendencies … but I would besides in that situation. besides, neuter/spay your dang pets : not only will this reduce the flood in protection populations, in most cases of black dog attacks, the animal was intact.

To summarize, do n’t get sucked into the negativity portrayed by the media or folks who have bought into the stereotypes. With the good owner ( s ), Pitbulls or any derived function of ( Staffordshire Terrior, Bully, Bull Terrier, American Bull Dog ) make excellent pets. Cynthia House on November 25, 2018 : excellent and well written. Thanks for the insight. I am fostering a 2 yr/o male and have 3 young cats I was wondering about. Ive found that ALL breeds can be aggressive without love and a firm, but feel for hand. Ive already seen how firm and very eager to please Bud is and want to keep him. Im glad you stated that they can be untrained besides. Colin on May 18, 2018 : I saw a nice think of an old charwoman who was sleeping with her pitbull she loved for years, it ripped her side off in her sleep. I have two cats, and I would never let a pit bull fall near it. It ‘s a genetic killer. Lola Elliott on February 20, 2018 : My pitbull, Rosie, ( now passed away ) was a rescue from the island of St Croix. I found her with a 30 ‘ electrical cable growing into her neck. Judging by her scars my premise was that she was a bait cad. I kept her and she lived with us for 11 year. She was the sweetest animal I have always met. fabulous with my grand babies from infancy up and she fiercely protected everything and all that was part of my rescue and family. From guinea fowl pigs to 10 cats, 2 addl. dogs and 5 parrots, all mine, and to all the dogs that came in and out of our home to be adopted. She was their teacher their defender. Jen on October 16, 2017 : I had two female cats. 18 months ago my adolescent daughter and I rescued a 3yr old pit. We were told she was n’t dog, vomit, food, miniature aggressive. She happened to be everything aggressive but after some work newton love not to mention I fostered a meaning ma cat who had her litter in our house. The aggressive pit picked her two favorites the rest got homes n its been polish voyage … Well smooth adequate anyone know how to keep kittens out of frump food normality treats my pits kittens love frank treats n her naked bones that cant be health for a vomit. Chris on November 20, 2016 : I ‘ve had an adult pitbull for a copulate years now. Seems like the sweetest pawl in most situations. But I would n’t trust her with a cat. Was walking her today and was curious to allow her to get within a few feet of a guy while on a leash. Seeing her actually licking her chops at the spy of the guy was a bit faze. I ‘m much defending the engender, but I would n’t trust a pit with a vomit. Heidi on November 06, 2016 : My boyfriend moved in about 4 months ago and after the initial presentation, my 9 year old pool and his 4 year erstwhile orchestra pit bull mix seemed to love each early. They would kiss each other, lay together, the big cat even comes on our walks with us. recently, the dog bit the cat in a situation we did n’t see. We thought they were possibly playing and it got besides rough in. My guy ended up in the emergency room with a deflate in the roof of his talk. We were indeed jumble, the cad would n’t intentionally hurt him ? ! ? ! After his recovery, they again seemed to be best of friends but final night while they were laying back to back, the dog rolled all over and the cat started licking the dogs face, and without any warning she starting attacking him. I ‘m terrify. We are keeping them separated for now. I ca n’t imagine getting rid of the frank. But having a terrify pot, or a dead one is worse. I have 11 years experience in the Veterinary field and I am lost. If anyone has any rede please let me know. I love all animals, and understand that hell Bulls ( although they get a bad rap ) can be amazing pets. But we besides know that owning her comes with capital duty. She is incredibly strong and one bite could end it for my cat. Thoughts ? ! ? ! We are already lucky to have many friends in the vet field and with be consulting with a behaviorist. Shannon on October 28, 2016 : I foster animals. I presently have a Pitbull terrier shuffle who is the sweetest son ever by the way. In his defense mechanism he ‘s never been around cats, my cats have constantly been around dogs. First day he was here I took him for a walk one of my 3 cats came upstairs and was on her window seat, he saw her grabbed her off the seat and drug her across the floor. now my cats are scared to death and separated of course I would n’t risk their safety again. But the particular place I ‘m fostering for good does n’t understand why I do n’t leave my cats locked up until The pawl gets adopted. farcical. This is their home to, and I was never told he was n’t around cats. If he would get along with my cats I would keep him on a second. Elena on August 10, 2016 : My fantastic pitbull killed my cat, after it appeared they were getting along precisely fine. In fact, a identical beneficial dog flight simulator agreed that my cats were not in risk. very sad Instinct and breed trumps training …. Camille Brown on May 22, 2016 : I have a 3 year old Female Cat and ascribable to health reasons I might be moving in with my daughter. however, my daughter has several dogs including a beautiful 4 class honest-to-god Blue Razor Pit who is known to kill Cats. I love my cat and do n’t want to lose her. The dog is so friendly and loving to family. My question is : is it potential to retrain the dog ( and guy ) to get along peacefully and with the other dogs excessively. Thank you Camille Yolanda on October 28, 2015 : We have constantly had cats, we got our pit baby at 9mos and she was raised around cats. Blue, our cad, earlier this class has killed our two 8yr old cats, one of the cats never liked dogs and the early was cautious about dogs adenine good. We thought getting Blue a male frump for playfulness would balance our kin. We at one time had 6 cats and two dog. The male dogs showed signs of no concern in the cats unless Blue did. It ‘s confusing two know, we have had 2 different male dogs. The first one my conserve had put down in the heating system of the consequence when the first cat was killed. One of many mistakes made that day. We got a different male and everything was fine for 6mos. then the dogs cornered the early caterpillar and we lost him. Blue, BTW, was the entirely frank scratched up and bleeding at all. Which after a lot of opinion and circumstance, brought us to the ending that she was the responsible party. now 2mos later, we had the dogs in the firm and she went after our 1yr old female cat. Blue once again was scratched up and bloody all over her lead. fortunately the caterpillar lone lost a pinpoint. Our pets are our syndicate, but we ca n’t go through the anymore losses. We ‘re going nuts trying to figure out what set Blue off, she is now 3. The cats are n’t doing anything to provoke the behavior. Do dogs go through a type of puberty or something that would explain the sudden change ? dogmomma on October 15, 2015 : my AmStaff killed my cat after living together for 2 year. do not trust your dog GAF on December 15, 2014 : I am sol regretful to hear that happened. The same thing just happened to my niece. She is absolutely heart-broken. The pitbull she had for 10 months, killed her cat-o’-nine-tails, which she had for 5 years. She is sick. THey had gotten along actually well. Until one day. She never thought it would happen. Brittney on September 25, 2014 : ehen I met my husband he brought a one-half colliery half packer into the kinship I brought a kitten into the relationship 4 years ago we got another 8 week old broad female pit into the family. The animals for the most separate constantly got along but there was always a sense of concern that the new female pit would hurt the computerized tomography. well yesterday she killed me cat and I am brokenhearted to say the least. I am in the mist of a very unmanageable situation. I have her presently housed at our local anesthetic shelter on a 10 day hold and I am having the vet go out and test her for anything that may have caused her to snap. I am besides having a trainer come out to asses her to see if she can be reentered into my home plate. I am thus hurt and angry and torn. If I do n’t get her in 10 days they will put her to sleep and I just would not be able to live with myself yet if I let her back in my family I do n’t think I could always look at her and love her the like. Does anyone have any advice for me ? Please no sock I am hurting regretful enough. I love all my animals like they are my children. Laurie Decker from New Port Richey, Florida on September 03, 2014 : I NEED HELP, DISPARATELY ! I HAVE 6 CATS. THEY RANGE FROM 2 YEARS TO 23 YEARS OLD. DUE TO A FAMILY ISSUE, I NOW HAVE MY SON ‘S PIT BULL. HE IS SO FULL OF ENERGY AND RARELY SETTLES DOWN. MY CATS ARE TERRIFIED AND HAVE DECIDED LIVING IN THE HOT GARAGE IS A BETTER choice THAN living WITH THIS DOG. I AM apprehensive, ESPECIALLY FOR THE 23Y.O.. HOW DO I TEACH HIM CATS ARE FRIENDS … NOT FOOD ? Darla on December 27, 2013 : I fair got a 2 year old Pittbull and my cats Hate him.. How can I make my cats get along with him … I am afraid if he goes near the cats they will attack him consequently he will attack second … and that would not be full … any propose ? ? ? ? natasha on August 05, 2013 : Hello Ive adopted a year old scar bull and he seemed all right at the tax shelter with the cats but i ‘ve had him 2 weeks now and i am terrified to let him near my cats ( 3 ) who are n’t raised around dogs. He tries to chase them and he barks at them he ‘s grim. any suggestions I will take any ! chris on February 23, 2013 : I good got a stone taurus and iodine have a cat. What do has far getting them to meet and be together Chris Kross (author) from Dallas, TX on August 17, 2012 : It always helps if you ‘re the one raising the chase, because you will know them better. That being said, our Pitt has been broken of bad habits ( that we taught him ). For exemplify, we thought it would be a good mind to teach him to scratch at the door when he needs to potty. We realized our err when he got bigger. lol now we ‘ve retrained him to ring a bell. They ‘re very trainable and re-trainable. Mindflayer on June 06, 2012 : I am debating adopting a pit bull mix – person abandoned a puppy, and a good friend found him. My fiancée loves pit bulls since her baby owned one. I love dogs, but I am concerned about introducing a 6 month year old pit bull whose background I do not know into a dwelling with a kat. The breed ‘s predilection to hunt and the rambunctiousness of a young cad is my rationality for pause. At the same time, I have had dogs all my life and know most are trainable. Gail Louise Stevenson from Mason City on December 26, 2011 : Your welcome. Chris Kross (author) from Dallas, TX on December 26, 2011 : Thanks, Gail ! I ‘m glad you enjoyed them. Gail Louise Stevenson from Mason City on December 25, 2011 : The dogs are very beautiful in their photograph. Great hub, besides ! Chris Kross (author) from Dallas, TX on December 25, 2011 : Thanks, Rebecca ! I wholly agree, Laura. The bad apples of any andiron breed can normally be tracked rear to irresponsible and sometimes dangerous owners. People just need to realize that it ‘s good another dog breed, and one that thrives on the human interaction from it ‘s owners. They will do whatever you train them to do – good or badly. Cat R, I know of a Pit right now that ca n’t be around cats. The owner besides hates cats. Go figure. Our Pit, Demo, was brought into a house with 2 adult cats. He loved them from the time he was a puppy, but they are offish toward him. He does n’t understand that. We brought in a fresh kitten after Demo was fully grown, and he loved it excessively. He was therefore excited to see the kitten, but he instinctively knew to be ennoble. now the kitten is about in full grow. Demo and the kitten arrive along bang-up, and I catch them playing from time to meter. All of them ( Demo, the 2 adult cats, and the kitten ) will nap together in the sunlight. Rebecca Mealey from Northeastern Georgia, USA on December 25, 2011 : The pictures are soooooo cunning ! Awesome Hub ! Cat R from North Carolina, U.S. on December 25, 2011 : It rightfully does depend on their personality and on how we train them. Ginger used to hate cats to the target of chasing them with bad intentions. But since Pitties are a identical healthy breed in the first place mend to be family pets, they learn promptly and try to please. She immediately lives in a house full of cats and early critters.

hypertext transfer protocol : // … Laura Schneider from Minnesota, USA on December 25, 2011 : slenderly off subject, but … It ‘s besides bad that there is such a mark against “ bang-up breeds ” of dogs, when in fact the mark should be against all irresponsible dog owners, careless of the breed .

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