Feeding Your Pitbull an All Natural Diet

What is an all natural diet or “ AND ” ?
All natural diets are diets that dwell of nothing but raw foods for your Pit Bull. Since dogs are carnivores an all natural diet for dogs would be kernel, bones, and some vegetables to simulate the respective foods found in prey animals .
I asked my veteran about raw diets and they said my chase would get disgusted, why would they tell me that ?
Simply put, your vet is ill-timed and this is atrocious advice. Before I get into the many reasons why the majority of vets are against natural diets let ’ s take a expect at the raw diet and why it is credibly the most knock-down diet any frump can be on.

All Natural Diets Examined

The all natural diet is designed to mimic what a wild dog or wolf would be eating. nowadays I hear you saying, “ My chase is not a barbarian animal. So this doesn ’ thymine apply to them. ” Well, actually it does apply to them. Let me explain. At the time of this article the commercial darling food diligence is from what I could find 50-60 years honest-to-god .
Think about this for a moment, using logic and genetics we can well see commercial foods are modern and our dogs stomachs and digestive systems have not changed from the room they were hundreds of years ago in such a inadequate prison term ( 50-60 years ) .
All lifelike diets go back to the wilderness if you will and provide the proper nutriment for our dogs without adding a bunch of funky chemicals, rendered animals, additives, colors, flavors that are blended and made to smell certain ways, and a host of other nasties found in commercial pet foods .
I ’ thousand not one of those people who freak out at a bowling ball of kibble. My dogs get it from time to time, however, they get only the best favored foods I can buy. A tilt of chase food that is natural and effective for your Pit Bull will be provided at the end of this article .
Feeding a raw diet ( all lifelike ) is about vitamin a basic as teaching your dog to chase a squirrel. It comes natural to them and their bodies are designed to handle the raw foods .
The key is to lone use fresh human degree ingredients. My convention of flick is, if I can ’ t put in a pan and eat it myself, my dogs shouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be eating it either .
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Can You Show Me a Raw Diet Example ?

I sure can. here ’ s an exemplar diet .

  • Raw Meat. This meat can be muscle meat like hamburger or turkey burger. Steaks can also be fed. I feed iron steaks and chop steaks from time to time.
  •  Raw Eggs with the shell. 2-5 times a week you can feed your dog a whole fresh raw egg. I prefer the free range eggs over store bought.
  • Bones. Turkey necks, chicken necks, and chicken backs contain bones and muscle meat as well. All are safe for your dog.
  • Veggie mix. Carrots, celery, and green beans are a good basic mixture.
  • Powdered Vitamin C. This stuff is outstanding and has many healthy benefits. I used to sell a human grade form of this and used it with my girls many times. I still use it when I feel like I’m going to get sick and when feeding my girls.
  • Kelp and Alfalfa. Again, the powdered kind works best.
  • Essential Fatty Acids. Omega 3 fatty acids (Salmon oil has this). Cod oil and/or Liver Oil.
  • Glucosamin Powder (99% pure). This helps keep joints trouble free and healthy. It also helps dogs with current joint problems.
  • Vitamin E. This is a very important Vitamin. It helps with coat health and many other benefits. Some say dogs must have this vitamin.

All Natural is Different for Every Pit Bull

What makes raw so confusing is that it is not designed around a breed or a class of dogs. It is designed around your Pit Bull and only your Pit Bull .
You find what your dog likes and you mix it up and feed it to them. Some dogs hate fish oil. While others love it. My cad Honey will freak for naked tuna and salmon while my chase Angel won ’ triiodothyronine go near it but she loves crude kernel. Likewise, Honey doesn ’ thyroxine eat raw steak but will nibble on ground beef .
Each diet is specially designed by you for your cad to deliver the best combination of nutrients for your cad. This is where the commercial pet food industry lies through their teeth .

Is the commercial Pet Food Industry Killing Your Pit Bull ?

In a word, yes. They are .
beginning and foremost they all claim to give your pawl a “ complete and balanced diet. ” This however is a bland out lie. not all dogs need the claim same measure of protein, fatty acids etc… not to mention that a lot of their ingredients are grain fillers .
I ’ ve never seen a learn of dogs grazing in a field. Have you ? Eating grass doesn ’ t count. Grass is not texture. grain is a major cause of allergies in dogs. This has been proven time and meter again by vets around the worldly concern .
This leads me to the wonder brought up at the begin of this article. I asked my veteran about naked diets and they said my frump would get pale, why would they tell me that ?
adjacent meter you go to the vet look around. I mean actually take a commodity hard count around the corners, in the rooms that are evacuate, on the shelves and in the wait room .
What do you see ? Ah, yes, you see loads of commercial pet food. Ever wonder why this is ? Vets have these foods because they are given to them by commercial pet food companies to promote !
basically, the pet food industry helps support the vets who resell their foods. Is this indifferent or what ? I mean that would be like your doctor telling you lone Healthy Choice microwave foods are goodly for you to eat. Oh yeah, you can pick up 5 or 10 in the lobby on your room out. While you don ’ triiodothyronine see it in doctors offices, you do see it at the vet .

In Conclusion

The commercial positron emission tomography diligence has millions of dollars to spend on advertise and positioning themselves as “ the reservoir for goodly dog foods. ” I ’ thousand not anti-corporation or diligence but I am for responsible common common sense based decisiveness making.

On one hand you have synthetic chemically enhanced pawl foods with loads of supernumerary fillers in them while on the other hand you have clean, human grade ingredients with very little to no fillers in them. Which one would you prefer ?
Some people say it ’ south excessively expensive. That ’ s not truthful. If you buy in bulk you can feed respective dogs for a calendar month on what you would spend for commercial dog foods that don ’ t give your dog their essential nutritional requirements. You will besides be feeding less food to your dogs because they are actually getting what they need from the food .

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