Hairless pooch who feels like ‘a warm piece of baloney’ competes at Westminster dog show

Read Story Transcript frank shows tend to feature a parade of preen pooches with strange, adorable and elaborately coif hair-dos.

But Janet Parker’s canine company Walkyr is going paw-to-paw with lead dogs from around the populace at the 141st Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York City— and all without a single hair on his soundbox. Walkyr is an american hairless terrier, one of three new breeds invited to participate in the event this year. American hairless terriers are seen during a press conference Jan. 30 in New York to announce three new breeds that will be eligible to compete in the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. (Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty Images) “ He is wholly hairless. A small girlfriend in a daycare once described him as feel like a warm piece of baloney. And that ‘s actually a reasonably accurate find, except not so despicable, ” Parker told As It Happens ‘ guest host Helen Mann. “ He in truth does have identical soft skin, about like a pamper ‘s butt. ”

He really does have very soft skin, almost like a baby’s butt.

– Janet parker about her dog, Walkyr

Walkyr will compete against 14 others american english hairless terriers for Best In Breed on Tuesday. If he wins, he ‘ll move up the ranks and take on all the terriers at the usher. The top terrier will then compete for the august prize, Best In Show. “ I mean, that ‘s everybody ‘s bucket list dream if you ‘re in frank shows, ” Parker said. Janet Parker poses with her dog Walkyr, who she says loves to snuggle up at night. (Janet Parker/Facebook) Parker says Walkyr is a great darling — active when he needs to be, but besides enjoys a lazy day on the couch. “ They do like to snuggle up at night with you because, you know, they ‘re looking for hotness. ” He joins a few other raw faces at Westmister. Another newfangled breed competing this year is sloughi, a large, streamlined animal besides known as an arabian greyhound.

Two sloughi dogs stand with their owners after being introduced as one of the new breeds allowed to compete in this year’s Westminster dog show. (Lucas Jackson/Reuters) And the pumi, a hungarian herd frump with rigorous curls. The pumi, a Hungarian herder breed, has a big mop of curly fur. (Tomothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty Images) Hours of prepping is common for frank picture participants. But not Walkyr. “ Trim his nails a copulate days before, make sure he ‘s happy, give him some nice treats and in the ring we go ! ” besides new to the dog show ? Cats.

however, the felines participants will not compete against their canine companions for Best In Show. alternatively, they took part in the Meet the Breeds event on Feb. 11 and will compete in Tuesday’s agility competition. As for Walkyr, whether he wins or not, he ‘ll constantly have a fan in Parker. “ I think it takes a person of all right class to appreciate such a brilliant animal, ” she said. He may not have a fabulous hairdo, this American hairless terrier is competing at the 2017 Westminster Dog Show. (Janet Parker) — With files from Associated Press

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