Canine cousins cheer from N.L. as hairless terriers compete in Westminster Dog Show

When the competition begins for best in show at the 2017 Westminster Dog Show, the American hairless terrier will be one of three breeds competing for the first gear meter, and they ‘ll have some relatives cheering them on in Newfoundland. Allan Gidyk and his family have had three American hairless terriers as pets over the stopping point 20 years. Gidyk told the St. John ‘s Morning Show he got all of his dogs from the same breeder who has been instrumental in getting the engender into the note appearance.

“ For a breed that ‘s only been around for 45 years, and to be accepted to the Westminster Dog Show, this is a big skill for those people that we ‘ve been dealing with, ” he said.

‘For a breed that’s only been around for 45 years … this is a big accomplishment.’ 

– Allan Gidyk

Gidyk said some breeds much older than the american hairless terrier have yet to be recognized by the american english Kennel Club. “ The Westminster Dog Show, which was immortalized in the movie Best in Show, is truly the premier event for that american Kennel Club, these guys are showing for the first time, ” he said.

Hairless terriers make it to Westminster


American hairless terriers will be competing at the note Westminster Dog Show for the first gear time, and those dogs have some extended family in Newfoundland who will be cheering them on. 2:38 The 2017 testify will be held in New York City Feb. 12-14 and will feature thousands of dogs. “ They ‘re in the terrier group, so they ‘ll compete amongst themselves for best in engender. They ‘ll do outdo in group, the best terrier, and possibly best in picture, but it ‘s a rather long shot. ”

Playful and energetic

Gidyk said the dogs are similar to other terrier breeds — minus the fur. “ We call them Jack Russell terriers without haircloth. They ‘re a little snatch improbable, their legs are a little sting longer … and they are wholly hairless, ” he said. “ vitamin a far as disposition is concerned, they ‘re very much like terriers, they ‘re very playful, energetic. These guys tend to release from play time quite well, they ‘re faineant, they ‘re cuddlers, they ‘re lave dogs. ”

Theo and Freeway, posing with their owner Allan Gidyk and CBC’s Krissy Holmes, have to dress up warm for the cold weather. (Gavin Simms/CBC) Gidyk said people are curious about his terriers, Freeway and Theo, and much ask questions while he is out walking the dogs. “ ‘Do you shave them ? Are they disgusted, are they ill ? ‘ We get that every once and a while, but broadly people are quite curious. ” He said the dogs have to dress up for affectionateness in the winter and need a layer of sunscreen in the summer, but are quite healthy and felicitous .

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